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Litigation expert: Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a founder and a partner at the Leite, Barros and Tosto Advocates in Brazil. He specializes in bankruptcy, credit recovery, Election law, civil law, commercial low among others. Ricardo Tosto is a highly qualified Latin American lawyer. His firm has been ranked among the top in the industry. The firm was placed as one of the best in the industry by the Chambers of Latin America guide just recently this year. He has gained recognition for his litigation skills internationally. Ricardo’s Tosto’s law firm is made up of 91 lawyers and fifteen partners. His firm has been recognized by the Chamber Latin America as the best is assisting clients in the energy, banking and infrastructure sectors. It was known for their effort in litigation in the various sectors.

The firm was also recognized for their arbitration involvement in the engineering and also the construction industry. The guide’s publication also highlighted the firm’s willingness to follow up on the different cases that they handled. Tosto’s firm is well known for its commitment, and incredible know how in the areas that the team is working n. The publication also aired their client’s sentiments which stated that the team is very proactive in all the cases that they are put to task to handle. They also said that the law firm was very quick to answer any question the client might have had.

In 2016 Ricardo Tosto was recognized as one of the primary names in Law in Latin America. He was named as one of the most renowned litigation lawyers in Brazil. Tosto’s firm employs more hat 300 employees. It is made up of 20 associates and 27 partners and also has a consultant known as Brancato Neto.

The law firm also works in their areas of law apart from litigation. These fields include: Administrative, social security, Family and probate, civil, labor and foreign deals; China deal. They also practice commercial and contracts, credit restructuring, Arbitration, real estate, election and political cases. They are also known for their specialization in environmental matters, compliance, consumer, banking, cooperate and criminal law. His facebook page