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Jason Hope on the internet of Things Concept

Jason Hope is one of the passionate tech lovers in the world today. Jason deals with latest technology trends that are happening. He also takes a keen look at where technology is headed to in the future. His opinions about the future of technology are published in Tech.co. Jason, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona is not only a technology futurist but also an entrepreneur, a writer, and a philanthropist. He is engaged in various charitable initiatives meant to give back to his community in Arizona. He holds a degree in business related courses. He has a bachelor in finance from Arizona State University. To strengthen his knowledge as an entrepreneur, he also did a master’s in Business administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.

As a futurist and a tech lover, Jason is known for giving people directions on what to expect in the latest technological innovations. Jason is in particular very concerned with the topic of Internet of Things. Internet of things is probably the most advanced technology that has ever been applied in the history of the earth. According to Jason Hope, Internet of things technology involves the ability to combine multiple devices in such a way that they can share the same network and as a result share the data among themselves. The resultant scenario is one where the all the connected devices are in constant communication with each other.

According to Jason Hope, the IoT is so influential that no single corporation will want to be left behind in its implementation. It is expected that big corporations in the world will be making huge investments geared towards releasing products that compatible with applications that will be driving the internet of things concept.

Jason sees a world where all devices that will be in the market being able to connect with each other. This will create a scenario where people will be able to send and receive data from their devices in the comfort of their living rooms or their offices. Take the case of traffic updates coming through your phone even before you leave the house. Internet of thing offer an alternative route that can be used to access your destination in a better way. Another example is where one will be able to monitor the contents of their refrigerator from the phone. The refrigerator will be able to communicate with the user on products that may be due to expire in a short time. In short, the internet of things concept is creating a world that will be efficient and exciting to live in.

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