Wikipedia Writing and How You Can Improve

If you have already written a few Wikipedia articles or at least edited a few snippets, you may feel that you don’t know everything about writing Wikipedia articles, or at least not enough to succeed as a writer. Do not be alarmed, as these are feelings that the vast majority of beginner Wikipedia contributors share to make business Wiki pages.

The first thing that anybody interested in writing Wikipedia articles should become familiar with the style of Wikipedia articles by reading many of them. If you are not aware of how a proper Wikipedia article is written, don’t even bother writing about it. First, read a few before deciding to write. If you have already written, take a break to read a few.

Keep in mind the Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a site where people go to be entertained by literature.All information on Wikipedia should be absolutely truthful. If you do not add citations to the sources of information where one finds the facts, the “fact” may be taken as false, and deleted or replaced by another piece of information.

Never write articles about things that already exist. Not only is it a waste of time, but it clutters up Wikipedia by having two articles that should provide everything about that topic, in one place. Readers should never have to bounce back and forth in between two articles to learn something, so make sure to condense anything you have to add to the article that already exists.

It is recommended to try editing a few articles before trying to tackle an entire article. Do not get overwhelmed by the task of writing a whole article, as it might encourage you to never write an article on Wikipedia again.

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Avoid writing articles about one’s self. Not only do most people not want to read articles about a person that is not popular enough to have been written about already, most people do not like reading anything from a first-person point of view. Save yourself some time and don’t write about yourself.

Top Investment Options

Anyone and everyone these days is talking about the markets, volatility, and whether or not anything will be safe for the next few years let alone decades down the line. More and more investors are questioning the markets and aren’t sure where to turn, but if you have the ability to turn to someone you can trust, you have a much better shot of protecting your investments and achieving your financial goals.

Long run retirement plans are typically the best ones for most individuals. By having a plan that is simple, but still professionally managed, you can end up having a much more significant portfolio that can stand up to the tests of the market. However, when the average investor looks past those few pieces of advice coupled with a few financial industry buzzwords, they are usually more than a bit confused on what to specifically do.

The good news is that there are financial companies and professional investment organizations that are fully devoted to helping you reach your retirement goals. The investment banking world has never been stronger, and even though the markets took a hit over the past decade, they are continuously making progress. The market has historically gone up over long periods of time, and while anyone can make money at any time, the best time to get in is always at the bottom. More than enough professionally certified experts and individual success stories alike are calling this the bottom of the market and stating that it is time to get in.

If you are thinking about where you should go with your wealth and who you an trust to not only protect it, but also make it grow, then look no further than Ken Griffin and Citadel, LLC. As one of the richest individuals in the world according to Forbes, Kevin Griffith clearly understands what it takes to create value and grow an investment portfolio. Furthermore, his ability to not only create value and wealth, but also to increase wealth at a faster rate than most all of his peers is yet another reason to trust this man and his experience with your assets and long term wealth.

Anyone can just throw money into a retirement account with the hopes that they will one day be able to retire. However, you have to rely on luck and chance for something like that to happen, and unfortunately most hard working folks don’t want to trust their entire retirement to the proverbial roll of the dice. What makes far more sense is entrusting your financial future into the hands of a financial expert who understands how to navigate the waters of the investing market.

Ken Griffin and Citadel, LLC may be somewhat new to the financial scene according to some, but the one thing that no-one is questioning is his ability to improve the financial performance of portfolios. Perhaps it’s time for you to look into Citadel, LLC today to see what it can do for you and your long term plans. Don’t wait to make your future and retirement goals a reality.

Writing Ethical Articles For Wikipedia

Writing for Wikipedia can be a fun experience. Wikipedia is a unique website because it is an informational resource that can be edited by anyone. When writing for Wikipedia, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. It is important that anyone writing for Wikipedia take an ethical approach. Writing ethically for Wikipedia is ideal because it keeps the writer from being kicked off the website and it allows for good content. In addition to writing ethically for Wikipedia, writers also need to learn how to create and edit pages. There are a few ways to do this without messing up – guaranteeing a writer a chance to write for Wikipedia again.

How To Write For Wikipedia

Before any Wikipedia writers decides to create a new Wikipedia page, they must see if a page is already made. There are thousands, maybe even millions of Wikipedia pages on the website. Finding out if one is already made can prevent time from being wasted. Also, multiple pages are not allowed on Wikipedia and the website will delete anything that is a duplicate. If the topic the writer is interested in writing about does not have a Wikipedia page, they can start one instantly. In order to create a page, a writer must first create an account. Once an account is made, users can click on the create a page button to start writing. When writing, one must never use promotional language. Writers should use an objective tone during the writing and cite sources. It is best to gather references before starting to write the article, so it can be well-rounded, neutral and most importantly factual.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a website that can create Wikipedia pages for an individual. This website also can edit pages and maintain pages. There is a fee for what Get Your Wiki provides but they have a policy that they will give writers their money back if they cannot get page approval from Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki works with experienced Wikipedia editors that have written and edited hundreds of Wikipedia pages in the past. Get Your Wiki promises that once the page is live on the website, it will rank high on search engines.

Wikipedia Editing Tips for Beginners

Wikipedia has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade before finally settling in as one of the most respected sources of information on the internet. Wikipedia is a massive compendium of knowledge to make business Wiki pages that allows users to contribute in their own ways: from editing to adding entire articles. Editing on Wikipedia can be seen as a sign of prestige or as a social duty, giving back to the largest information source on the internet. For those users that DO decide to pick up the editing mantle, there are definitely a few key pieces of information to have handy. Editing on Wikipedia is not a paid venture but it is one that can be very rewarding. Let’s take a look at those tips now.

From Top to Bottom
There are very rigid standards that keep Wikipedia editors in check while allowing the website to have a congruent flow. Referencing the Wikipedia Manual of Style is the one stop shop to learning these rules and getting into a rhythm of applying them in day to day editing life. The Manual of Style, or MoS as an abbreviation, is a lengthy article that Wikipedia has compiled in order to help give direction to their users. Keeping this page open as a reference point will allow an ease of access to vital information.

Locate Valid Citations
Wikipedia only works because all of the information is thoroughly backed up with quality citations. Citations, just like in academic journals, are the lifeblood of making a convincing argument. For Wikipedia, editors need to post quality sources that are both imperative and long lasting. As Wikipedia is an online source of information, sources must have a longevity to them that is not in question. Reference .gov websites for the most stringent standards but also look into .edu websites as well. No matter what, make the citations relevant and imperative.

Personal Wikipedia Pages
Being an editor carries prestige but being IN the Wikipedia library is even more sought after. However, editors must not fall to the temptation of trying to create their own personal page. Not only does creating a personal Wikipedia page violate policy, but it is also biased. Many people refer to companies like Get Your Wiki to make business Wiki pages for them.

Skout: Back In The Game Again

I do not think there was ever a time in my life that I did not know Chev. His family moved next door to us when we were both in kindergarten and we have been friends ever since. His full name is Charles, but his family always called him Chev. It was probably because his dad’s name was Charles Sr. Our parents were friends and we were always the best of buddies.

Both of our parents have pictures of the two of us boys growing up together. We rode the same bus to the same school and were in most of the same classes. Chev and I learned how to ride a bicycle around the same time as I did and we got the same style of bike. If one of us did not think of a scheme, the other one would. We were often partners in crime and we loved it.

When I joined the Cub scouts, so did Chev. My dad was the scout leader and our troop had a lot of fun adventures together.  We were both big brothers to her. We would let her tag along with us sometimes; however, our club house was for boys only. I guess that Chev and Kate were the siblings that I never had.

In high school, we often liked the same girls. Even though it led to a few tense moments, we never really fought over a girl. When we both started driving, we would often go on double dates together. After we graduated from school, I went into the service and Chev had to join. Unfortunately, we were stationed in different places and never served together. We kept in touch as often as we could. It was nearly eight years before I saw Chev again when he got out of the service.
Chev married his high school sweetheart and I married a girl whom I met in the service. Chev and his wife Carrie have two beautiful daughters and still live close to our old neighborhood. After five years, my wife and I called it quits and I am newly divorced. Recently, I flew in to see my parents and Chev’s family. His sister, Kate, was also in town with her little family.

It was so great to be reunited with my folks and friends. Later, I went over to Chev’s house and a discussion started about online dating. Kate told me about a new online dating application called Skout on that her brother-in-law found. All a person has to do is to download the free app to a smartphone. With Skout, users can travel anywhere and find people with similar interests to meet. Kate’s brother-in-law met a really nice lady while he was on vacation in Nevada and they are now in a committed relationship.

Just for fun, we downloaded Skout on my smartphone and I found several interesting profiles of ladies who live in my city. Thanks to my good friends and Skout, I met a lovely lady and am in the game of love again.

Discover Valuable Pet Care Tips

Experts believe that dogs were firsts domesticated many thousands of years ago, and that dogs evolved from the wolf. Before bringing a dog to your home, it is first important to consider several factors. The first consideration is the availability of healthy food. Dog food manufactured by Beneful is said to be one of the most nutritious for dogs. Below are valuable tips that are helpful when taking care of your pet:

1. Feeding
Quality dry food from Beneful on walmart  is the best because it provides a diet that is well balanced for adult dogs. The diet can be mixed with broth, water, or canned food. Some dogs enjoy eating cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, or cooked eggs. It is important to note that these additions on dog food should not be more than ten percent of the total daily intake.

2. Exercise
Exercises are paramount for a dog as they burn calories, stimulate the mind, and keep them fit and healthy. Exercises assist dogs in avoiding boredom, which often results in too many disruptive behaviors. Many instinctual urges of a dog like herding, digging, chasing, and retrieving can be satisfied by supervised fun and games.

3. Grooming
Dogs should be kept clean at all times, and shedding should be reduced by doing brushing frequently. You are supposed to check for fleas and ticks on a daily basis during a warm weather. A variety of dog types should only be bathed a few times every year. Before bathing, it is vital to cut out all the mats on the coat. A person is supposed to rinse all the soap out of the coat. This is done to help in the prevention of the dirt from sticking to the soap residue.

4. Handling
Small dogs are the easiest to handle. When carrying a puppy, you are supposed to place one hand under the chest of the dog. Your forearm or the other hand should be supporting the rump or the hind legs. You should never attempt to lift the puppy by the forelegs, tail, or on the back of the neck. A large dog should also be raised from the underside while supporting the chest with one hand and the rear end with the other hand.

5. Housing
All pets need a warm place that is quiet and away from the drafts. A person can decide to purchase a dog bed, or he can decide to make one from a wooden box.  The bedding should be washed often. If the dog spends a lot of time playing outdoors, a person should make sure there is an availability of shade and plenty of cool water.

6. Licensing and identification
A person should follow all the regulations that have been established in the community where he stays. The license should be attached to the dog’s collar. An ID tag together with a tattoo can be very helpful in securing the dogs return in case it gets lost.

A Cleaning Service Full of Love and Great Work Ethics

I always have been able to care for my household independently up until last year. Exactly 11 months ago my husband passed away from lung cancer and I was left to fend for myself with three other children residing in my home. At first the thought was extremely overwhelming and scary, but after a few months passed, I slowly got myself into a new routine. I had to learn how to do minor repairs around the house, have the kids take out the trash and teach my son how to play football. Although it sounds simple, it was a very difficult task knowing that husband would never be around to help again.

I ended up hiring a home cleaning service company called Handy on recode to at least help me with keeping my own in shape for my kids sake. If it wasn’t for them, I would just simply let my house stay a mess. The reason I hired Handy is because they came highly recommended by numerous people in my life, including my boss. If my boss gave a good recommendation it is legit because he never hands out compliments.

The first day Handy came into my home I was rather shocked with how they carried themselves. The two ladies that came to clean were rather professional for the type of career they were in. I was surprised at how professional they were and I made sure to praise them for their hard work and efforts. What I loved the most about them is their interaction with my children. There was one day where my daughter wanted to help the youngest of the cleaners with washing the floors and the young lady gave her a cloth and showed her how to wash the floor properly. It was fun to watch my daughter interact and learn how to do something different for a change.

Although some of my pride left the day that I hired Handy cleaners, they have helped me in so many ways after losing my husband. If I hadn’t hired them, my house would probably still be a mess and my children would be driving me absolutely insane. As soon as they walk through the doors of my home not only is my house spotless, but my children are fully occupied. They were never expected to interact with my children, but they did and for that I am forever grateful.

The Different Areas of Law: Corporate and Commercial

Legal secretaries and the many other people who work outside of the law industry have found it to be useful to seek out additional information regarding corporate and commercial law. Collectively, these two areas of expertise are referred to as business law. Why is there such an increased amount of interest in this particular field? The answer is simple. It relates to business and commercial activity, therefore, it is the most profitable area of the law industry. Several businesses will encounter commercial or corporate law, and because of this, business people will have an interest in achieving an overview in business law. Legal secretaries and other legal professionals can also hope to gain advancing into this exciting part of law due to the increased amount of work available in this area.

What exactly does commercial law cover? The crucial areas that are covered under commercial law are contract law, intellectual property, copyrights and consumer law. Contract law is the drawing up of a contract and refers to how that contract needs to be completed. It also covers how to terminate a contract as well as what obligations are under that contract. Consumer law deals with consumer rights and the protection of consumers who have purchased goods.

Frans Schoeman deals with all types of law and is experienced in all of them. As MD and Director at Phatsima Diamond, he is a highly motivated attorney who has the knowledge and expertise of corporate, commercial, and business law. He has worked for Pastime Diamond since 2006 and oversees the mining concession in Angola. Schoeman also worked as a legal director at TG Minister Group, practicing law for 14 years. His other law experience includes being an attorney for Joubert Schoeman Attorneys and Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc. Frans Schoeman offers expert law advice regarding corporate law and an abundance of other services to his clients, even offering pro bono work for Joubert Schoeman.

What’s included in corporate law? Company law largely addresses dividends, shares, what a company stands for and a variety of other things as well. In short, it focuses on ways to create a company and the array of companies that are available for new directors. They take a further look into how to do file returns and create legal documents for the different versions of company enterprises. It also covers share issuance, dividend payments and many other different things.

Law will always be the more lucrative industry when compared to several other industries because of its relationship with companies and businesses. There are a lot of opportunities available for legal professionals, ranging from legal secretaries and barristers, however, there are risks out there when in a period of recession although very few areas see an increase in business during times like these. Again, business law has proven to be extremely lucrative and offers several opportunities for those who are interested.

CCMP Capital’s Loss of the Late Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that was founded in 1984. CCMP deals with growth capital and buyout deals and other transactions: leveraged buyout on is basically when an investor or group of investors purchases or otherwise acquires another enterprise; growth capital involves purchasing new subsets of a business, while the current owners maintain the same amount of ownership throughout the transaction. Dealing with these two types of investing possibilities requires a very experienced investment professionals, which is what CCMP Capital is chock-full of.

CCMP is one of the largest private equity investing corporations in the world: in 2007, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was named the seventeenth . As of right now, CCMP controls in excess of twelve billion dollars worth of assets – talk about one large load of responsibility.

CCMP is an acronym that accurately represents the private equity investment firm’s activities and values: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan, Partners.

CCMP Capital is deeply saddened to have lost the former President and CEO of their enterprise, Mr. Stephen Murray. Mr. Murray went to school at Boston College, and graduated in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Upon graduation, he started working at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which is a precursor to CCMP Capital.

Mr. Murray stayed within what is now known as CCMP Capital his entire career. It was once known as MH Equity Corporation, then Chemical Venture Partners, Chase Capital Partners, then CCMP Capital, and has been named that since 2006.

CCMP Capital is a large company, and carries out operations in North America, Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe. CCMP is also involved in four main industries, as well: consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare, and energy, which makes for a very well balanced portfolio. Despite handling such large amounts of investments from investors all over the world, CCMP only has around fifty employees; sometimes, less really is more.

CCMP has investments in many large corporations, companies, and enterprises all over the world. Some of these businesses that are invested in include: AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Medspace, and Quiznos Subs. Large companies such as the aforementioned ones are able to bring in lots of return on investment for the investors’ significant contributed capital.

CCMP has launched a few different subsidiaries since its inception in 2006: Panorama Capital, Unitas Capital, and Linzor Capital. Panorama Capital operates out of Menlo Park, California, and focuses on opportunities to invest in the beginning stages of a product. Unitas Capital works in Asia, and operates private equity investment funds.

All About Purina Dog Food

Nestle Purina Petcare, producer and marketer of pet food, treats and litter, is based in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the second largest pet food company in the world and the largest in the United States.

According to an analysis, Nestle Purina’s pet food top seller brands that bring in significant income include Purina, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Purina Beneful and Purina One. For budget-conscious shoppers, they offer Alpo; for health-conscious consumers, they offer Purina One and Beneful, which cost more.

Other products they introduced recently were:

• Fancy Feast Appetizers – an appetizer cat food
• Purina Pro Plan – a line for senior dogs for better brain function and whole grains for digestion.
• Purina One Beyond – a grain-free product
• Purina Pro Plan Sport – designed for athletic dogs, this brand contains extra fat and protein
• Ravena – for the growing Brazilian market and uses locally available ingredients

Aside from these new brands, Purina also ventured into accessories, such as beds, training pads, cleaners and leashes.

Purina Beneful has been well-known as the maker of the most popular and trusted pet food brands in the world. Their Purina brand of pet foods keeps your pet happy and strong. They give your pets the proper diet they need to have a healthy, shiny coat and a lively, energetic personality. Purina is always ahead when it comes to nutrition, health and food products for your pets.

They were the first brand in 1987 to offer pet food with real meat, poultry, or fish as the #1 ingredient and have continued to be a leading developer of their targeted nutrition.

Why trust Purina pet food products:

1. They continually offer balanced and complete dog food and treats for puppies and adult dogs alike, so they can spend and enjoy more and longer special time with you.
2. They give the absolute best nutrition for your pets to help them to be active and strong and maintain a very healthy condition.
3. They make sure that Purina ONE provide pet owners with nutrition customized for their beloved pets, including dry dog and cat food, as well as a wet dog and cat food.
4. They believe that food selections are the most valuable everyday choices that they make for themselves, and it’s not different when it comes to feeding their pets.
5. Give your dog the unique nutrition he needs to help him grow healthy and strong. Purina has a proven know-how of how to make sure gets the exact nutrition that your dog needs from its food.
6. Beneful pet food is dedicated to bringing the exciting activities to you and your pet by providing them with the right foods to give them energy. Beneful powers your pets’ play with an assortment of dry or wet dog food, as well as dog snacks.

Can You See The Future?