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Lazy Person Life Hacks For Losing Weight With Wengie


Wengie shares some fantastically fun weight loss life hacks with her viewers. Here’s a run-down of some those hacks.

Infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, and mint for a tasty weight loss beverage that also detoxifies the body. Drink the water before a meal so you get full faster and eat less. That’s two hacks with just one product, can we say efficient?

Eat from a smaller plate than usual and trick your brain into thinking that you’ve gotten more food than you actually have. Also, studies show colorful plates can help you eat less.

It is isn’t all about eating less and healthy beverages though. Studies show lack of sleep decrease your metabolism, so sleep in to reap weight-loss benefits.

This is an odd and interesting tip, turn down the temperature a few degrees cooler in your home than you usually prefer. The body actually burns more calories in cooler temperatures. Remember to keep the temperature comfortable though!

Here is a fun tip, wear your gym clothes around the house. It is totally mental but will help motivate you to stay more active when you’re tempted to be lazy.

Back to food, slow down when you’re eating so don’t get full as fast and you also won’t end up uncomfortably full! And, for those that are truly lazy, exercise less!

Check out even more hacks through Wengie’s video and you’ll be feeling fit in no time. These hacks will help even lazy people get into shape!