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Fashion’s Favorite Rule Breaker

The world of fashion tends to be predictable as a trend is established by popularity, others struggle to emulate the latest trend and follow the rules so that the clothes they are wearing, the makeup they use, their hair styles, and the accessories used all fall under the umbrella of what is acceptable. That is why it is so refreshing to have Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Makeup Line, on the scene to take the rules and systematically destroy the styles that are expected and replace them with creative and alternative choices that appeal to a wide range of people. She is referred to as the unicorn queen.

Doe Deere has become adept at finding just the right combinations of colors that will not only provide a unique look, and set someone apart, but also look fantastic as well. That is why she has become the fashion world’s favorite rule breaker and leader. The “makeup for unicorns” line provides users with fanciful and vibrant products that are created cruelty- free. It is proof that a company can be both stylish and successful by continually veering of the accepted path of fashion. There is a place for glittery cosmetics and teal shaded lipstick. For those who are starving for a different look, the Doe Deere line is heaven sent because for some the alternative style is their style.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and developed Lime Crime Cosmetics as her signature venture. It is part of her personal quest to provide cosmetics that allow a person to have the freedom to express them in a unique way and to cover their perceived imperfections. Her belief is that beauty is what feels good at the moment to a person rather than what is most natural looking or provides a certain acceptable image to the world. Her focus is also on cruelty free cosmetics.

The Lime Crime style is always vivacious, daring and bright colors that allow people to express whatever they are feeling about themselves on that day or during that time of their lives. It is the self-expression and freedom that Doe wanted to allow the world to share. Rather than have the style of fashion dictated by an industry with very little room for individualism and personality, Lime Crime provides a choice. The company has been running since 2008 and has managed to break rules successfully and become a major force in fashion over the years.

If you are looking at your makeup and personal style and feel that it doesn’t express what is in your heart follow the path of Doe Deere. See a “rule” and break it. It doesn’t matter if it is wearing too many colors in your outfit, or that your eye liner and lip stick are too bold, there is a Lime Crime alternative for you that will allow any person to find their own unique style and expression. That is what fashion is all about for Doe Deere and those who wear the colorful and bold makeup.

Doe Deere Breaks All The Makeup Rules

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the highly successful makeup business Lime Crime. Many people are familiar with the makeup products itself, especially those that are makeup enthusiasts. That’s because Lime Crime has quite a following and it’s a makeup line that has been turning heads for a while now. A lot of people don’t know much about the founder, though. They may have seen pictures of her, but there’s so many fascinating layers to Doe Deere.

Deere sat down with Bustle to talk about how makeup rules are meant to be broken. That philosophy is exactly what has made her company so successful. There are is an extensive group of people that look to Deere for not only makeup products but advice as well. One of the first makeup rules that Deere said needs to be broken is don’t wear too much bold makeup at once. Deere is the perfect example of rocking a variety of bold colors and making it look good. That’s why she sells lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and much more. She believes that all of these products, in whatever color the wearer chooses, can be worn together.

Another rule that Deere breaks is don’t mix too many colors. Anyone who knows Deere knows that colors are her thing. She is constantly rocking bright lips, eye shadow, liner, and hair. She never skimps on the colors and her flawless skin helps to pull her look off. Deere understands that other people want to rock the colors too. That’s why she offers such a variety when it comes to her makeup line. Deere sells lipsticks that come in shades of orange, purple, blue, red, and so much more. She also sells eye shadow and liners of the same color.

Finally, Deere broke the rule of wearing different patterns. Deere wears whatever she wants and she makes it look good. Just like colors, Deere feels that the patterns can be diverse as well. Deere likes to put together others who have broken these same rules and show them off. Deere has a look book section of Lime Crime where photographs of users are displayed. Here others can draw inspiration from them.

Overall, Deere is a woman who knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to show it. She wants others to be able to express themselves as well. That’s why she has put her whole heart and soul into Lime Crime makeup. Her makeup line is more than just products, they help people to form a lifestyle. Deere sees makeup as an art form and wants all of her followers to be able to express themselves, be bold, and turn heads. That’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about.