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A Creation for the World

Billy McFarland is an ingenious entrepreneur and meta physical inventor who has recently created an incredible way for individuals and businesses to save a large sum of money. Billy McFarland brainchild is Marnesis, a social network membership program of sorts that gives members access to a large array of discounts on entertainment locations such as bars, restaurants, concerts and amusement parks.

Magnesis brings these discounts to its members through the use of a metal card which acts in much the same way that a credit card functions.

The card is attached directly to a member bank account and can be used as a form of payment at locations stated above. This is a huge deal for average American consumers, but potentially a godsend for individuals directly involved in the business world.

An interesting fact that needs to be taken in to consideration is that business owners and sales people use these exact locations as their background for business meetings. These meetings can be extremely costly, especially when you understand that they do not guarantee any gain.

Through the use of Magnesis and its heavily discounted prices the same business meeting that at one point cost the company a hundred dollars might be able to be distributed among multiple meetings instead for the same overall price.

In his mission to provide consumers with a reliable and efficient way to save more of their hard earned cash, Billy McFarland has in a way revolutionized the business world as well.

According to Bloomberg, by saving companies money on business meetings so they can be used in a variety of different areas instead Billy McFarland has potentially crafted an answer to the economic woes of the American people.

While this program is currently only being supported domestically within the United States it still has relevance to the international business community.

It can offer the same discounted prices on entertainment venues that is currently being offered through the program today, but if applied to international markets there is not telling what benefits it can reap the entirety of the globe.