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Alexandre Gama’s Career As A Highly Successful Advertiser

Alexandre Gama is one of the most highly celebrated advertising executives in the history of Brazil. He started out his career working at a number of advertising firms including Standard Ogilvy & Mather, DM9, Almap, and Young & Rubicam. At Young & Rubicam he was the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer, and a member of their board. In 1999 he founded his own firm, Neogama, and serves as the CEO and CCO. His leadership and creativity has led Neogama to being on the top 20 advertising firms in the country.
As a very influential advertiser, Alexandre Gama has earned a large number of industry awards. Among others awards, he has won 23 Lions at Cannes Festivals. He was also selected by a group of 250 of his peers in the advertising industry as one of the seven most important advertising professionals in the history of Brazil.

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