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The journey and growth of Rick Smith’s career

Rick Smith is the current CEO of SECURUS Technology. Rick took the position in July 2008. Due to the experience that he had, most people believed that he was the perfect person for that job. He also has the drive and the focus to handle the position skillfully. These qualities helped the company to move ahead and be the undisputed leader in the industry of correction. They offer quality services and products. Rick has a good background and a track record that is impressive. He has worked in several fields like; finance, information technology, operations, telecommunication, and business development. After he had been appointed the president and CEO in 2008, he became the chairman of the company in 2009. Under his leadership, the company invested more than 600 million dollars in patents, acquisitions, and technology.

SECURUS Technologies is a company that offers a variety of services for many inmates, corrections, public safety agencies, and law enforcement in North America. The headquarters of the company are in Dallas, Texas. Under the leadership of Rick, the company continues to be committed to providing the community of corrections with the services and technology for the emergency responses, communications, incident management, monitoring, public information, biometric analysis, and in-mate self-service. It is the leading company in implementing the use of video calls for the inmates to contact the visitors. This has been used to replace the old-school face-to-face visits.

The educational background of Rick Smith is solid. State University of New York He was also able to acquire a degree in engineering. He then got a master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. He was also a student of the University of Rochester, and he was able to earn an MBA from their Simon School.Rick has also worked with various companies. He was employed with Global Crossing North America Inc. This was from the year 1972 to 1998. In the company, he was able to hold several positions over the years. Some of the roles that he had include; the chief information officer and controller. He then held the position of president for the Frontier Information Technologies. The Midwest Telephone Operations also employed him, and he became the vice president of the firm. He was also able to hold the position of director of the Network Plant Operations Director and the Business Development. In 1998, he was able to move on to Eschelon Telecom Inc. He held the position of the financial officer until 2000. He then became the president of the company until the year 2003, where he was able to be promoted to the position of CEO. As the CEO, he increased the revenue of the company from 30 million dollars to 350 million dollars. In 2005, he led the company to a successful IPO. He then worked with the firm until 2007.

Jason Hope Intervenes With Insight Into The Development Of Internet Of Things

Many technological developments have helped to shape the world and the way people interact across various platforms. This wave of innovation and the development of superior technological products has also availed internet of things, which allows one to access vital information remotely from different gadgets.

Jason Hope is among experts who have been reviewing the growth of internet of things and his articles have showed how this development will help the future of technology to offer awesome solutions. He believes this will define the next phase of technological design and development.

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Internet of things can be explained using many things in the environment. Basically, it is the connection of various devices using the internet and in this process the ability to control how these devices operate can be activated across both sides. For example, a house installed with security cameras whereby the cameras are connected through an internet connection that allows the homeowner to get the data from the cameras through their mobile device. This means the owner of the home should also be in a position to make changes to the environment like controlling security lighting and components like heating systems.

Philanthropic activity
Jason Hope is reputed as a futurist and technologist who has worked hard to earn through entrepreneurship and to appear among the most successful entrepreneurs in the tech space. He also offers support to philanthropic organizations and he pursues this action passionately to deliver support to the needy and those who cannot change their lives due to lack of the power to make change.

Supporting upcoming entrepreneurs
Another area where Jason Hope has proved to fare perfectly is in entrepreneurship. He has been offering support to young entrepreneurs based in various parts of the country. He does this through a facility he built to facilitate the incubation of those with ideas back not resources to implement them.

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Arthur Becker Tech Investor

Many people have made their fortunes in investing. The obvious issue is where to invest. If you ask Arthur Becker, he would tell you either technology or real estate. The tech mogul started his career by building, managing, selling, and buying successful biotech and technology based businesses.

Mr. Becker is involved with various successful companies. Madison Technology group focuses on telecommunications. Becker became the manager of Madison in 1999. While involved with Madison, Arthur Becker co-founded ClearBlue Technologies. Both Madison and ClearBlue would eventually become a part of Atlantis. Atlantis handles trades involving company shares, capital, and real estate. In a report by Los Angeles Times, this group led Arthur Becker to choose to invest in over $500 million in real estate in New York which is his home state.

Arthur Becker was also involved with Impower which is a technology company that provides consulting services for governments. Advance Partners LLC provides financial advice services for Cendant Corporation and Global Switch based in the United Kingdom. These companies were introduced and supported by Becker in his roles as CEO and Manager of the various companies.

Becker was also the CEO of NaviSite. Navisite was founded in 1996 as a provider of managed services and colocation. This company introduced hosting and managing cloud services for enterprises under Becker’s management. Microsoft, Intel, and Sun Microsystems have all partnered with NaviSite. Time Warner Cable Company has become the parent company for Navisite, and it is now focusing on cloud computing offerings.

Today, Becker is still the Managing Director at the Madison and Atlantis companies, reveals NY Mag. He is also the CEO and Chairman at Zinio LLC. Some refer to Zinio LLC as the world’s largest digital magazine producer and distributor. Zinio offers magazines in 30 different languages on a variety of platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, and Kindle. The Zinio digital app has delivered more than 500 million editions. These editions include over 1,300 publishers and over 6,000 different titles. For more information, see,