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Andy Wirth Stresses The Importance Of Renewable Energy


Clean energy is a win-win situation for everybody according to Andy Wirth. He states that renewable energy from sources such as the sun and underground springs will benefit the environment, the economy and the quality of life for people. Mr. Wirth, who resides in the Reno-Tahoe area in California and Nevada is dismayed by the apparent lack of initiative to utilizing the geothermal and solar capabilities of the Reno-Lake Tahoe area. According to Mr. Wirth, this region has some of the greatest potential for the production of renewable, clean, green energy to power entire cities. Instead of harvesting these resources and going green, fossil fuels such as coal are being burnt to power the homes and businesses of the region. The Valmy coal plant in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area is a particularly heavy polluter in the region and air quality suffers a result.

Andy is urging people to let their elected officials know that sustainable clean energy from the sun, earth and water can be part of a bright future for the Reno-Tahoe region. It can spur economic growth and will make the air cleaner. Major companies like Microsoft and Tesla who are moving into the region are investing heavily in renewable energy. This is what we should be doing says Wirth. We should have a clear plan to put sustainable energy initiatives all across the country, not just in Reno, Nevada or Lake Tahoe, California. The full article by Andy Wirth on the importance of Renewable energy in the Reno-Tahoe region was published in the Reno Gazette Journal and can be viewed in full there.

Andy Wirth is a major figure in the development of the Reno-Lake Tahoe area. He has recently been selected as the chairman of the Renoe-Tahoe Airport Authority board; which serves the main entrance point to the region. Mr. Wirth began his career working as a ranger in the National Park Service. He then began working in the hospitality and tourism field where he worked in the marketing department. His passion for the outdoors continues as he now leads operations at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Squaw Valley Resort as CEO. Andy is also deeply involved in the local community and supports environmental and educational organization designed to benefit the community such as the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation and the Tahoe Fund.

Lime Crime products lets people live their life out loud

Finding the most exciting make up available is extremely difficult. The make up aisle at many drug stores is filled with boring lipsticks, and blush that are all made in the same boring colors. Women are extremely frustrated with these choices, and they long for something new and original. Fortunately, Lime Crime cosmetics has committed themselves to offering women new and exciting options.
Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere several years ago. Doe has an extremely exciting and interesting story. Doe was born in Russia, but her parents moved her to New York City when she was extremely young. New York was the perfect city for Doe to grow up in, the city exposed her to thousands of vibrant and exciting women that all had extremely different personalities. It was apparent to Doe that many of these women were frustrated with their make up options. Many of these women longed for the opportunity to express their personality via colorful and exciting make up.
When Doe grew up, she flew to Los Angeles with her husband with the goal to change the world of make up forever. Doe quickly began to build an amazing team of people that loved cosmetics. Many of these people believed that cosmetics make a major difference in the way that people perceived themselves. They were extremely knowledgeable about cosmetics and they knew that this world needed to change.
Lime Crime cosmetics on ilovelimecrime was the company they chose to found. The Lime Crime line of cosmetics include many different colors. These colors allowed women the opportunity to express themselves with whatever color they wanted. The make up is extremely high quality, and with the wide line of colors, women will be able to live their lives out loud. The line of cosmetics that Lime Crime offers is one of the most varied set of cosmetics available today.
Lime Crime cosmetics is committed to producing cosmetics that are safe for people to use. Many cosmetic companies use products that are dangerous for your skin, and over time these products can wear away at your skin and cause you to look older. Lime Crime has removed all of these dangerous chemicals, so you know that what you are using is safe for your face.
Lime Crime is also committed to protecting animals. They feel that animal testing is wrong, and they have eliminated animal testing from their line of products. Looking to protect animals is commendable, and Lime Crime has done a fantastic job of looking out for women in the world.