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Thor Halvorssen Explains His Love Of People

Thor Halvorssen is one of the world’s best known human rights activists after spending most of his life fighting for the rights of those living in closed societies and under oppressive rule. Halvorssen is not one to sit back and whine about the issues facing the people of the world; instead, the Venezuelan born film producer has looked to assist others by surrounding himself with those who understand the problems facing oppressed people.

One of the main areas Thor Halvorssen has looked to improve the lives of others has been in his approach to the leadership of the Human Rights Foundation, which was established by Halvorssen in 2005. After spending a large amount of time exploring those he felt could lead the group in the right way Halvorssen appointed Vaclav Havel as the first President, upon the death of Havel Halvorssen looked to another agitator he felt could bring success to the Human Rights Foundation in the shape of former chess champion Gary Kasparov. The HRF is now led by Gary Kasparov, who has been a major opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has been imprisoned for his opposition of Putin’s rule.

Thor Halvorssen has been looking to bring his own interests to the attention of the people of the world for a number of years and has formed a number of not for profit groups to help others with similar interests. To expand the role of the film industry in helping those facing problems with their human rights Thor Halvorssen created the Moving Picture Institute, which is dedicated to creating both fiction and non-fiction movies focusing on human rights issues.

Despite his impressive position on human rights and as a commentator for many mainstream news media organizations Thor Halvorssen showed his political awareness by purchasing the traditional left wing Norwegian newspaper Ny Tid in 2010. Often seen as an anarchist publication the purchase of the newspaper showed the many complex sides to the political life of Thor Halvorssen.

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What Will Happen Next In Venezuela’s Government?

It seems that the Venezuelan government is determined to steer the country in a direction that could lead to serious disaster. A number of political analysts including Norka are saying that current government decisions could spell catastrophe for the country.

Venezuela is in an overwhelming amount of debt, and it seems that the country’s leaders will have to go into default when it comes to paying the debt off. This, of course, will lead to strive in the country, on a civil and government level. Officials are reluctant to give into the financial pressure of settling the debt, which means that this could spell more problems for the country and its citizens in the future. Venezuela is also the country with the biggest hydrocarbon reserves in the world, which makes its financial problems even more disheartening. The fact that Venezuela is in such turmoil when it comes to money is proof that the country’s funds have been grossly mishandled.

Even though the country is in serious trouble money-wise according to Dirigeant.Societe, there may be a viable solution. Economists and politicians from Venezuela who are visiting the US and the UK in April 2016 are hoping to get investors and bankers on their side as they try to resolve Venezuela’s debt.

Caracas consultant and independent economist Orlando Ochoa states that default would not be a good decision for Venezuela, which means that getting financial assistance from other countries could be a smart move. Ochoa is leading an initiative with state governor Henri Falcon to assist Venezuela in achieving financial health.

While it seems the two men are doing great work, they have a significant challenge ahead of them. Trying to solve the money crisis in Venezuela has stirred up lots of political controversy, and the civil unrest is growing. This indicates that Venezuelan residents are eager for a solution. Officials are hopeful that a resolution can be reached soon.