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Nobilis Health Expresses Track Record 3rd Qtr Results

Northstar Healthcare, as part of their planned expansion of services and facilities has changed their name to the Nobilis Health Corporation. President of Nobilis Health Corp, Harry Fleming explained the name change as an avoidance in confusing companies and organizations using the Northstar name for services and products in the United States. The stock symbol TSX is used for trading. Northstar/Nobilis owns, operates, and manages at least five surgery centers in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, and Scottsdale, AZ. Northstar/Nobilis also owns and oversees an acute care hospital in Houston, TX, two imaging facilities and an urgent care clinic in Houston, TX. Nobilis has a strong track record in mergers and acquisitions, recently acquiring 60% of the former Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ. Investment analysts are quoted as saying, and Nobilis is viewed as an undervalued investment in an arena that is constantly growing in demand. The third quarter results indicated a rapid growth with record revenues of $17.2 million. Nobilis Health is building on their marketing campaigns through website expansion of information, local marketing, improved in-house call center, combining professional marketing tactics, Facebook and recruiting professionals to drive each of the programs to success. Increase social media and mobile media usage and patient feedback. Nobilis plans to create educational materials for patients bringing awareness of specific diseases and illnesses, detailing the symptoms, so the public is educated about their illness and treatments detailed for their assistance and recovery. Nobilis Health Care has designed and planned call centers to build health guides for patients engaging them in helpful guidance through their recovery or learning experience.