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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Line Is Really Making Moves

Most girls today that know about fashion know about Doe Deere and her cosmetic line Lime Crime. For those that don’t, may be time to jump into the twenty-first century. Lime Crime has become one of the leading makeup companies for young woman on the market today, known mostly for its other worldly colors. Doe Deere continues to make a name on pinterest for herself by adding onto her product line regularly. Lime Crime has become a very successful business venture, no matter how you look at it. It has established Doe Deere as a leading public figure on the internet over the past couple of years, and there seems to be no end in sight for the young business owner. 

Ask just about any young woman today about her top ten role models, and Doe Deere will be on that list. It should come as no surprise, since she has become a tower of entrepreneurship that is unmatched by most. Many times, the fame has nothing to back it up, other than beauty. This simply just isn’t the case with Doe Deere. Even though she has the modeling chops from ideamensch to make just about any woman jealous, she knows how to back it up with substance. 

Coming from a background in other realms of fashion, whether it be clothing design or product modeling, Doe Deere has truly paved her path towards success in today’s world of beauty. She has made her image from the ground up, causing many to look up to her business model and follow in her lead. Setting the standard in quality makeup and other cosmetics, there truly is much more to come from Doe Deere. 

When asked about her next move, she stated that she is planning to branch out her Lime Crime line to extend to hair dye colors as well. This is great news for her current customers that depend on her unique color schemed products to complete their look. As she put it, they will be colors for unicorns, and their unicorn hair. When it comes to out of this world color, she seems to be doing it best. 

It really is inspiring to see a young, successful woman aiming high and reaching her goals as Doe Deere has over the past few years. Although it has been a long road for her, it seems to have really paid off in numerous ways, which is great. If more women followed their dreams as she has, just imagine where the modern world would be taken. Doe Deere has proved that she is a force to be realized, and for good reason. She did not simply bow down to the corporate cosmetic world, nor the modeling industry. She simply used what she had to make a mark in this world and that is the plain and simple message. Never live the life you’ve been told that you have to. Own your unique gifts and share them with the people of this world so that they may realize their own.