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Colorful Expressions

As a woman who wears makeup a lot, self expression is written on my face, eyes, and lips. Choosing the right makeup for my personal self expression is sometimes difficult. Not with Lime Crime makeup. Dedicated solely to the right colors for self expression, Lime Crime has a variety of makeup that will help with expressing a more confident, beautiful face. These colors are just right for night and day They go from natural and neutral to wow and outrageously gorgeous. I tend to wear my makeup depending on my mood. The more saucy I feel the darker or more feisty my makeup gets. I know a lot of people who wear makeup go through the same thing. The entire line is great for someone like me who is allergic to aloe. I don’t have to worry about my face getting blotchy or itchy.

One of the great things about Lime Crime makeup is the cruelty free aspect. I appreciate that this makeup line is trying to make a difference just like me. The products at Lime Crime are beautifully tinted; meaning the colors are vivid and lush. The look books are creative and use brilliant colors for all types of faces. If you tend to go wild and out or if you like toned down and soft you can find everything you need to complete those looks at Lime Crime.

It’s not just about makeup for our faces. The nail looks are imaginative, as well. All of the colors in the nail palette are cruelty free and vegan so I don’t have to worry about putting things on my nails I don’t want and neither do you. There aren’t many makeup lines that can say they truly are trying to make a difference in the way makeup is made and worn. Lime Crime can. One of the great things I like about the nail line is the ingredients are listed for everyone to see.

There are plenty of colorful expressions for my hair, nails, and face at Lime Crime. The worst problem I have when it comes to Lime Crime is choosing a palette. There are so many interesting things I can do with all of the colors offered. The prices aren’t exorbitant either, so it’s easy to order my favorite color and not have to worry about my pocketbook or wallet. I don’r have to settle for just one color, I can have two or three at a time. Makeup without self expression is just boring. I’m not and have never been a boring person, so Lime Crime fits my personality and I can show it off every time I put on my make up.