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IAP Worldwide Services Acquires two new Businesses to expand its operations

IAP Worldwide uses a combination of technology and experienced team to offer support to civil businesses and government organizations in the United States and its allies to enable them to operate effectively in diverse environments. This support comes in various ways which include, expeditionary infrastructure, aviation and Engineering Solutions, Information Technology and communications and power solutions.

The first line of support IAP Worldwide gives customized for non-governmental institutions, energy firms, and their customers to operate in remote locations. In this line, IAP construction, infrastructure solutions, and disaster management coupled with an experienced team which is committed to providing services satisfied the customer needs supports the NGOs to continue operations in disaster locations.

The second support IAP provides is the temporary and permanent power services. This keeps projects running even when there is power interruption r caused by disaster strikes. IAP offers this temporary power support through collaborations with their customers and manufacturers to help them design install and operate dual fuel, hybrid, and renewable energy systems.

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Thirdly, IAP offers Aviation and Engineering solutions. In this support system, IAP seeks to keep and sustain aircraft activities by upgrading, acquiring new parts and do repairs and give enhancement of automatic test tools and test solution to airlines and aircraft. To achieve the aviation support provision, IAP uses their technical experts who do development and or digitization, engineering services, upgrades aviation hardware and software and the logistical help to aviation players.

Lastly, IAP gives support in IT and communications taking the continuous technological changes, to provide high–tech solutions that upgrade the United States’ and those of its friend’s capabilities in various technical areas.

Recently, IAP has been poised to improve, upgrade and expand its scope in support services provision. To do this, the IAP has since acquired two more businesses; DRS Technologies an Oklahoma-based aviation and logistics business and the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business (TCNS) based in Aberdeen Proving Ground (ALEXANDRIA, Nov. 5, 2015). The acquisitions are a major boost to the IAP’s diverse service support given that MD.A&L provides aircraft repairs management and logistical support while TCNS adds on the engineering, IT and communications support solution that IAP has been providing to The U.S Defense Agency. Moreover, the acquisition of A&L and TCNS will strengthen the IAP muscle and give it an impetus in its long-term growth strategy.

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