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QNet Heads Down The Humanitarian Path

Natural disasters and medical illnesses have a tendency to take people by surprise. Sometimes, the results are very serious. Mercifully, there are persons and entities in the world willing to help those who suffered due to unfortunate situations arising without warning. QNet, the popular direct selling company, is working very hard to support relief efforts towards families hampered by the Chennai flood disaster.

At the IIFA Utsavam film awards event in India, QNet made a pledge to help families that were horribly impacted by the Chennai flooding. QNet established the “We Care” initiative to help poor families struggling with a variety of difficulties. Recently, through “We Care”, QNet directed relief packages to 200 families in Meenambakkam, Chennai. QNet hopes to expand its efforts to help more families.

Chennai was hit by a significant amount of rain, and the rain led to overflow flooding. The amount of the flooding was so massive that scores of homes were annihilated. QNet’s help is definitely appreciated.

QNet has also form strategic partnerships to help with various other humanitarian causes. A partnership with Lion’s Club International intends to provide kidney dialysis machines to an Indian hospital that houses 100 patients. QNet has other plans for other partnerships to tackle other humanitarian causes.

QNet is based out of Asia, and has made huge inroads in India over the past year. QNet sees India as the perfect new location for manufacturing, and the company has grand domestic affiliate plans in development as well. QNet is sharing its prosperity in India via its relief and humanitarian efforts. They encourage their employees to give back where they can as well to promote a spirit of philantrhopy. See their website here:

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