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Rocketship Personalized Learning Lessons From A Decade Of Operation

Rocketship is a network of elementary schools that that serves individuals from low-income communities. The organization was established in 2006 with a mission to work with students, teachers, parents and leaders to transform the future of the poor neighborhoods. Through such collaborations, they have eliminated the achievement gap for children in such communities.

Since the opening of the first school in California, Rocketship education is slowly learning different ways to serve the communities and students. Although this might be the case, there is a lot that they have discovered since their establishment. To begin with, Rocketship is a pioneer of purposeful integration of technology into the school system. People might view this move as being all about the tech, but the primary goal is to understand the unique interest and needs of every family and student.

The education system might be designed for the elementary education, but there are those who actively advocate for the k-12. Although this is something worth a shot, Rocketship firmly believes that the education system is meant to build a parallel system that’s intended to transform the way public school system works. Through the creation of parent leadership program, it’s now easier for families to hold school leaders accountable and demand political attention which is one of the ways that public school systems can thrive.

Although there has been a lot of talk on charter school and segregation in the recent past, Rocketship education takes into account children from all background regardless of the creed, class, race and ethnicity. In fact, since the establishment of rocketship education, they have incorporated new ways into teaching, and this has realized different benefits on how kids learn in schools. Schools are skeptical when it comes to including ordinary students with those who are disabled, but this isn’t the case when it comes to Rocketship education.

The first thing that comes to mind when a student with behavioral challenges is disrupting others is to get rid of such a student from class. However, rocketship takes this as a small price to pay when it comes to creating a school community that enables students to develop and discover their potential. Additionally, the inclusion of such students into the school system has created a student community that has great empathy.