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Susan McGalla Is An Inspiration For Serious Businesswomen

Some women struggle to attain a high position in business. Women like Susan McGalla help pave the way. She grew up with two brothers in Ohio and believes this accounts for her ability to be comfortable working with both women and men. She received her education at Mount Union College and graduated with her Business and Marketing Bachelor’s degree. She learned as a child if she wanted something she had to work. This lesson has helped make her successful in numerous high level positions.

Susan McGalla served American Eagle Outfitters while she worked her way upwards through the ranks. At this point in time the executives were predominately men. At the time she left the company she was the President. She then launched P3 Executive Consulting and began serving the Pittsburgh Steelers as their Business Strategy and Creative Development Vice President. She participated in the campaign called wear what we wear to increase the number of fans purchasing Steeler gear. She earns her positions with confidence and expertise.

Not every women attains the same success as Susan McGalla. Women have been impacted by the glass ceiling for numerous years. There are networks providing support for women as well as the opportunity to share ideas. These groups help women make necessary connections in their industry with other women. This provides the opportunity for women to make contributions to the business world and truly stand out. Although these groups have been somewhat successful it is not enough. One answer is sponsorship opportunities.

Women invested in their career choice find a female executive to act as their sponsor. The sponsor will recommend women for important assignments and lead projects. The sponsor is basically a women’s advocate. They stand beside women when roles are filled and projects assigned. This helps women break through the glass ceiling just like Susan McGalla. The executive sponsors receive an incentive to ensure they are motivated to invest their time with women leaders. This leads to the male executives helping serious businesswomen move up into executive roles. Sponsorship and mentorship within an organization are the keys for businesses becoming gender diverse.