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Why Equities First Holdings Helps People with a High Net Worth

Equities First Holdings(EFH) began in 2002. The mission for EFH has been to provide individuals and businesses a way to receive capital. EFH clients consist of high net worth. They provide clients a way to stop any financial problems they may have. EFH has seen success and with it, they are able to meet the demand in new markets. There are offices in London, Australia, China, and South Korea.

EFH has used financial advice and equity loans to help its’ clients. EFH has been able to provide capital for startups. There are many people who succeeds with the help of EFH. EFH will continue to operate with certain standards and principles. EFH become a leader in finance by being different than other lending companies. The equity-loan offered by EFH as an alternative method for a traditional loan. Many people have better chance of being approved for a loan offered by EFH than a bank.

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Todd Lubar – Smart Homes Presenting More Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

A look at an outline of the nation’s populace development over the previous decade makes it evident that numbers will rise greatly in the coming ten years. That will particularly influence bigger urban areas. One great illustration is Miami. The city got billions of dollars to extend its port, and the air terminal will be growing also. This development implies a deluge of travel and trade. As Miami’s populace keeps going up and more individuals coming to visit the city, the region must be set up to deal with the difficulties that accompany the development.

Enhanced smart home innovation can offer assistance. Security turns into an issue as the number of inhabitants in any place goes up, and crime rises. Nevertheless, security can be expanded with elements, for example, facial recognition and fingerprint locks. On the other hand, robotic parking can minimize crowding challenges while sleep optimization can aid people who dwell in noisy or crowded places. All these features are incorporated into some updated condominiums in the Sunny Isles Beach territory. The pattern is spreading in other vast urban communities in the country, and specialists anticipate that smart home elements will likewise be basic in numerous country regions over the next one decade. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Todd Lubar is a real estate business person with a solid enthusiasm for smart homes. He is the founder and also president of Global Ventures, LLC and fills in as Vice President at Legendary Investments. Todd had over two decades of experience within the real-estate sector and was positioned as one of the best 25 mortgage originators within the United States, a distinction he held for years. He has likewise worked in different ventures from construction and entertainment to mortgage banking.

The business person has a great passionate in real estate industry and takes pleasure in assisting people to accomplish their dreams ensuring they do not just become homeowners but also assisting them to acquire their dream homes. Likewise, Todd Lubar appreciates seeing other individuals prevail as business visionaries. He serves his society and discovers approaches to help other people at whatever point he is capable whereby Global Ventures is one of his key achievements.


David Giertz interview with Veronica Dagher on Importance of Social Security

Social security is an important financial tool that employees have at living better lives once retirement catches up with them. Since this is true, most financial advisors are not taking this valuable tool seriously hence making their clients suffer huge loses. David Giertz shares these sentiments during an interview with WSJ Wealth Adviser Columnist, Veronica Dagher in 2014.

According to Mr. Giertz, financial advisers need to pay attention to the importance of social security in retirement and discuss it with their clients before making any financial plan. Mr. Giertz goes ahead and quotes the National Financial Retirement Institute research that found out at least 900 social security consumers aged above 50 years were never consulted about their financial investments by their advisors on From a social financial advisor’s perspective, Mr. Giertz noted that discussing social security with an investor will greatly help you retention the services of your client.

Mr. Giertz social security pieces of advice are guided by the 2700 rules from his handwork. For a man with his experience and qualifications, David Giertz agrees to the fact that investing is social security is not an easy process as many people would think, rather it takes an in depth and understanding of the industry and building confidence on the financial rules. By doing so, financial advisors will help their clients make good investment plans as they are also an integral part of the retirement planning process.

About Mr. David Giertz
David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. specializing in helping employees make sound retirement plans with their social security funds on Mr. Giertz holds a degree in BA from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami. The well-established financial advisor started his career in 1988 at Skokie Federal Savings and now enjoys more than 29 years of experience.

Over the many years of active investment, Giertz has helped many retiring employees make the most of their social security funds with his specialty being; investments and future financial retirement planning at

David Giertz’s Take on Social Security

In an interview, Veronica Dagher, David Giertz explains the importance of advisers speaking to their clients about social security. He says that a nationwide survey carried out by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute reveals that most advisers are not talking to their clients about social security. The survey targets retirees and imminent retirees.

Giertz claims that for client retention purposes, it is healthy for the adviser to engage their clients in wide social security talks or else they risk losing some of their unsatisfied clients. The survey also reveals the lurking discontentment among the retirees with 4 out of 5 people interviewed saying that they would change their advisers if they were not talking about social security.

Asked why most of the advisers are fond of avoiding the topic of social security, David Giertz alleged that the complexity surrounding the field is what causes misunderstanding. The social security handbook is stuffed with rules on Finra and consequently difficult to comprehend, causing most advisers to evade the topic. The book has over 2700 rules, which are difficult to understand. Discussing all of them with your client proves pointless.

Giertz claims that in as much as a client will move out if advisers don’t take deep interests in the matter, social advisers are still an important pillar in their retirement planning process on Spokeo. Social security makes 40% of the social retirement plan. He claims that those who enroll into social security early risk losing up to $300,000 over 25 years, and it’s advisable that clients take seriously social security advises.

About David Giertz

Giertz is the president of the National Financial Distributor Inc. The 52 years old is also the senior vice president of the National Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company since 2013.

Prior to joining the National Financial Distributors, he was the sales vice president of FI/WH for 4 years from 2009. He has served as the vice president-NF Sales (Bank Channel) for 5 years from 2004.

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Retire the Right Way with Wealth Solutions

With the sole goal of helping people, specifically with controlling, protecting or increasing their wealth was born Wealth Solutions. As a register investment firm working out of Austin, Texas this company supports, advocates and aids clients in every aspect of money management to maximize and safeguard the financial status that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Through personal relationships, extensive knowledge and training with years of experience, each client is given every possible tool to ensure the best personal results and financial outcomes.

The man behind this customer driven company is Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions is truly a vision realized. Hailing from a family of teachers, his mother and grandmother, he also married a teacher so his emphasis on education is no surprise. His education of clients is one way in which he attempts to help guide and instruct while allowing his clients to control their own finances.

Maintaining Richard Blair’s vision of helping others succeed, he made intentional efforts to refine his knowledge of retirement planning in combination with his experience to specialize in this arena. The aim was simple, to help individuals get from planning for retirement to successfully transitioning into and living with all the benefits of being retired.

The approach to each client is two pronged and basic. One, to appreciate the individual and specific personal goals of that person and in doing so build a solid working trust. Two, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of retirement and financial planning in order to tailor a strategy for each client. From CAS to CFS certifications, all of this training and expertise are geared at giving each individual the most and best planning options possible.

Intertwining Richard Blair’s desire to teach and help others with the experience and understanding of planning, money management and retirement planning have led to a successful track record that Wealth Solutions can be proud of and clients can rely on. It is actually part of the company’s plan, to build long term and lasting relationships. These are just a few of the benefits that Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions affords clients. Retirement shouldn’t be hard, Richard Blair works hard to make sure it isn’t.

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