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The Great Victories Of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell took up his role at the Willis Towers Watson in October 2017, and he spent the last 31 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). Michael attained his bachelor`s degree in business administration from Michigan University through which he acquired skills to help him carry out the various business roles he has undertaken. He has seen the Willis Towers Watson firm expand its operations and overall production and he strives to work closely with the firm’s team of employees to promote its growth.

Though Michael Burwelll believes in teamwork, he encourages entrepreneurs to learn how to make their decisions on their own as being dependent on others opinions can sometimes mislead them. He encourages entrepreneurs to evaluate their decisions before implementing them as it helps them eliminate the bad things about their ideas for the better future growth of their firms.

He is also a strong believer in the opportunities that technology has created, and he encourages firm owners to employ its use in their daily operations as it also reduces labor requirements. Besides, he insists that technology has sparked innovation and micro-communities are likely to continue growing as long as the technology exists.

Michael is also a good listener, and he has made it through his career due to his ability to listen to and address his employees claims. Michael encourages leaders to form good relationships with their employees as it enables them to discuss the various issues emerging in their firms easily. Additionally, Michael also insists on the importance of motivating workers, and he believes that leaders that reinforce their worker’s performance are likely to acquire more success in their ventures as their employee’s output increases with time.

The renowned entrepreneur is also passionate about positive minded individuals, and he believes that people who maintain a positive attitude in their operations are likely to overcome the many challenges associated with businesses. His contribution towards the growth of the firms he has worked at has been associated with his commitment and passion towards achieving the best. Michael serves as an example to his employees, and he always acts fast to ensure that each of his team members is comfortable with their working environment.

Michael Burwell also strives to derive effective ways to manage risks in his operations, and he has seen the Willis Watson Towers firm expand its operations to over 140 countries through his ability to maintain a close relationship with local and international suppliers and buyers.


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