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Fabletics: Athleisure Done Right

Best known for offering a line of clothes fit to workout in, but also truly comfortable and fashionable enough to live your daily life in, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics caters to a whole new market, drawing customers in with a subscription membership that creates a sense of community and personalization.


In November, Forbes magazine notes how successful Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been in appealing to the modern consumer. The brand has grown over two years to achieve $250 million, an amazing accomplishment when it’s difficult to get consumers to commit to clothing online. Fabletics reports that being a ‘high value brand’ being paired with reoccurring and high customer value, allows them to cater to their clients. The average shopper browses online for what they are looking for, and then goes in person to make the final purchase. Fabletics takes this and encourages ‘reverse showrooming’ which really allows the customer to take control. Instead of browsing online and purchasing in store, people can now visit physical stores where the data of what they tried on is saved in their shopping cart online. This ideal encourages not scouting out for one item, but thoroughly enjoying and noting multiple new finds, and this is great for recurring customers. With over 22 stores (and more to come), Fabletics memberships continue to soar.


Just this past June, Forbes also took a look at the expanding greatness of Fabletics and how Kate Hudson, with no business background, created a major company that appealed to to those who wanted more than neon or grey, and offered quality without breaking the bank. Kate Hudson has been very involved with her brand, caring greatly about quality and content. Forbes reported “She continues to be extremely involved in the design process and works closely with the team to ensure that the styles stay fresh. She looks at the sales numbers every week and knows exactly which clothes are selling and which aren’t.” Her commitment to her customers (and fashion), paired with her business model explains her success.


If you’re interested in Fabletics, be sure to take the Lifestyle Quiz found on their website ( to help you find some personalized athleisure wear.



Softer Hair With WEN by Chaz

As a beauty blogger, it almost feels like my responsibility to have to try out every new trend that hits the blogosphere, as they say, “no better teacher than experience.” This can lead to amazing new ways that transform my daily routine or beauty habits, scotch tape eyeliner wings and messy bun socks I’m looking your way .

Though there have been a few that were questionable and definitely will, thankfully, not be making a return to my life, beer omelette hair masks, I’m sorry it just wasn’t meant to be.So when I started reading about the amazing benefits some women were noticing after they decided to stop using shampoo, I got myself ready for another week of trying out what I hoped would lead me to the promise land of soft manageable hair.

Choosing WEN By Chaz and Going No-Poo

Before giving up my shampoo entirely I had to do a bit a research and found that there was an actual reason women were noticing healthier hair after deciding to ditch their shampoo. It turns out that shampoos often contain harmful sulfates that strip hair of its natural oils which are essential to maintaining a healthy head of hair.Just like the other women had reported, within one week of using the all natural cleansing conditioner from celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, I noticed my hair was not only styling more easily but felt noticeably softer.

Want to try WEN By Chaz yourself, get your bottle here.


How Fabletics Has Changed How Women Shop Online

If you are not taking advantage of one of the best kept secrets concerning women’s sports apparel, head over to the Fabletics website and see how you can save a fortune buying sports clothing. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an online sports apparel website where you get top-quality goods at wholesale pricing. Included with your order is free shipping, and the deals get better once you become a VIP member.


Fabletics is offering a special deal to first-time buyers, any sports apparel on the site for $25 with free shipping, no strings attached. Now once you take advantage of this incredible deal, you are going to want to return to the Fabletics website and get your VIP status. To do this, you have to take the Lifestyle Quiz, and then all your future orders are $49.95 with free shipping. Many of these three-piece sporting outfits run over a hundred dollars in retail outlets, so you enjoy paying a fraction of the price.


Every month after your receive your VIP membership the design team at Fabletics will hand-pick items for you based on the answers of your quiz. These outfits are all deeply discounted and shipped free, but you are under no obligation to buy those choices. If you love the selection made for you, agree to the pick. If you don’t like it, select another. If you don’t want to shop this month, select the skip this month feature and you are good until your shopper finds something else for you next month.


Here’s what women who have shopped at Fabletics say about their unique shopping experiences:


A reviewer at Trust Pilot says, “The prices are discounted, the sports apparel is exceptional quality, and I don’t have to pay shipping on any future orders. Each order I receive is better than the last! Now my oldest daughter is a fan too.”


A reviewer at A Foodie Stays Fit says, “Despite my personal shopper hitting the mark each month, I decided to choose my own three-piece yoga pants and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. The order process is streamlined and operators are always standing by to help.”


A reviewer at Krazy Coupon Lady says , “I bought the same set of yoga pants at the mall and paid three times the money. Now I can order from home any time and my order is shipped to me free. I recommend VIP membership to all my friends!”

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Don Ressler Provides For A Ton Of Personalities

Don Ressler is very passionate about fashion. However, there is one thing he knows about fashion. It is that variety is the spice of life. Don is working with a change that is occurring in the fashion industry. This change involves some extra elements in the industry. There are also some markets that are being addressed when it comes to desires of people that are interested in fashion. One of the common issues when it comes to fashion is style. People are always looking for ways to be stylish. However, in order for people to be able to achieve that, it is important for them to be able to come to an understanding of what style is.

Don Ressler is one of those that have an understanding of fashion and style. This is why he is able to supply the needs of fashion. He sees fashion as a method of self expression. He also sees self expression as a right that everyone has regardless of size. However, he understands that a lot of companies do not have any clothes for people beyond a certain size. This is why Don Ressler has decided to work with people who are outside of the size limit.

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As a matter of fact, Don Ressler wants to do more than just provide customers with fashion, he wants to influence the trends throughout the world so that people will have more items to choose from. For one thing, it is important for people to be able to find a style that they feel the best in.

Don Ressler has put together TechStyle so that he is able to influence trends. He is helping to put together a future industry where people are excited to dress up. One thing that could help people get out of their slump is if they put effort in the type of clothes they wear. The feeling of accomplishment they get from the outfit that they put together will translate pretty good to other areas of their lives. Don Ressler is here to influence the changes in the environment of the fashion industry.

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