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Recent News about Fabletics

Even though there have been reports from customers that Fabletics is a scam when it comes to it being subscription based, this activewear company is planning on opening 75 to 100 stores within the next three to five years according to Forbes.

To ensure more satisfied customers, the co-founders are initiating different actions. Because Fabletics care about their clients, eight to ten disgruntled customers each month is eight to ten too many, according to Adam Goldenberg. It also has been brought to Fabletics attention of their customers’ complaint of not knowing that it would be hard to opt out the subscription program once they opted in. So as a result, Fabletics are having personnel at their retail stores to recruit shoppers to join the subscription service. So, the consumers can try on clothes within the stores as well as subscribe. And as a result, discounted apparel will be sent to the customers once a month and would be charged accordingly.

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Additionally, Goldenberg said that they are now receiving less complaints that is around five to ten times a month which is still too much (as previously mentioned above). But on the other hand, they are sending out 800,000 items in a typical month according to Goldenberg. Another thing according to Goldenberg is that they are ensuring that customers are understanding how the subscription service works by them revamping the Fabletics FAQ section as well as upgrading the service system for customers. Forbes confirmed with Better Business Bureau that Fabletics is receiving less complaints. However, Better Business Bureau stated that the lower number of complaints is due partly to JustFab beginning to list their subsidiaries separately, such as Fabletics. For more information on Fabletics, it can found on the Racked at

About Fabletics

In 2013, Fabletics was born. The genius business moguls and partners, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, along with the amazing actress icon and entrepreneur, Kate Hudson, co-founded Fabletics after seeing the gap within the athletic wear world for women.

Just within three years, Fabletics is already a huge success, and they just recently announced this year concerning a huge expansion to come as mentioned above. Other than that, their accomplishments are as follows:

* Fabletics expanded to various European countries in July 2014

* They then expanded to Canada in September 2014

* They have made their one millionth sale by January 2015

* Their market expanded to Australia in February 2015

* They introduced their men’s line in June 2015

* They also expanded to the Netherlands and Spain’s markets during the same time

* And lastly, they became brick and mortar in September and October of 2015 with six retail locations within the US

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