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Wikipedia Writing and How You Can Improve

If you have already written a few Wikipedia articles or at least edited a few snippets, you may feel that you don’t know everything about writing Wikipedia articles, or at least not enough to succeed as a writer. Do not be alarmed, as these are feelings that the vast majority of beginner Wikipedia contributors share to make business Wiki pages.

The first thing that anybody interested in writing Wikipedia articles should become familiar with the style of Wikipedia articles by reading many of them. If you are not aware of how a proper Wikipedia article is written, don’t even bother writing about it. First, read a few before deciding to write. If you have already written, take a break to read a few.

Keep in mind the Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a site where people go to be entertained by literature.All information on Wikipedia should be absolutely truthful. If you do not add citations to the sources of information where one finds the facts, the “fact” may be taken as false, and deleted or replaced by another piece of information.

Never write articles about things that already exist. Not only is it a waste of time, but it clutters up Wikipedia by having two articles that should provide everything about that topic, in one place. Readers should never have to bounce back and forth in between two articles to learn something, so make sure to condense anything you have to add to the article that already exists.

It is recommended to try editing a few articles before trying to tackle an entire article. Do not get overwhelmed by the task of writing a whole article, as it might encourage you to never write an article on Wikipedia again.

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Avoid writing articles about one’s self. Not only do most people not want to read articles about a person that is not popular enough to have been written about already, most people do not like reading anything from a first-person point of view. Save yourself some time and don’t write about yourself.

Writing Ethical Articles For Wikipedia

Writing for Wikipedia can be a fun experience. Wikipedia is a unique website because it is an informational resource that can be edited by anyone. When writing for Wikipedia, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. It is important that anyone writing for Wikipedia take an ethical approach. Writing ethically for Wikipedia is ideal because it keeps the writer from being kicked off the website and it allows for good content. In addition to writing ethically for Wikipedia, writers also need to learn how to create and edit pages. There are a few ways to do this without messing up – guaranteeing a writer a chance to write for Wikipedia again.

How To Write For Wikipedia

Before any Wikipedia writers decides to create a new Wikipedia page, they must see if a page is already made. There are thousands, maybe even millions of Wikipedia pages on the website. Finding out if one is already made can prevent time from being wasted. Also, multiple pages are not allowed on Wikipedia and the website will delete anything that is a duplicate. If the topic the writer is interested in writing about does not have a Wikipedia page, they can start one instantly. In order to create a page, a writer must first create an account. Once an account is made, users can click on the create a page button to start writing. When writing, one must never use promotional language. Writers should use an objective tone during the writing and cite sources. It is best to gather references before starting to write the article, so it can be well-rounded, neutral and most importantly factual.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a website that can create Wikipedia pages for an individual. This website also can edit pages and maintain pages. There is a fee for what Get Your Wiki provides but they have a policy that they will give writers their money back if they cannot get page approval from Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki works with experienced Wikipedia editors that have written and edited hundreds of Wikipedia pages in the past. Get Your Wiki promises that once the page is live on the website, it will rank high on search engines.

Wikipedia Editing Tips for Beginners

Wikipedia has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade before finally settling in as one of the most respected sources of information on the internet. Wikipedia is a massive compendium of knowledge to make business Wiki pages that allows users to contribute in their own ways: from editing to adding entire articles. Editing on Wikipedia can be seen as a sign of prestige or as a social duty, giving back to the largest information source on the internet. For those users that DO decide to pick up the editing mantle, there are definitely a few key pieces of information to have handy. Editing on Wikipedia is not a paid venture but it is one that can be very rewarding. Let’s take a look at those tips now.

From Top to Bottom
There are very rigid standards that keep Wikipedia editors in check while allowing the website to have a congruent flow. Referencing the Wikipedia Manual of Style is the one stop shop to learning these rules and getting into a rhythm of applying them in day to day editing life. The Manual of Style, or MoS as an abbreviation, is a lengthy article that Wikipedia has compiled in order to help give direction to their users. Keeping this page open as a reference point will allow an ease of access to vital information.

Locate Valid Citations
Wikipedia only works because all of the information is thoroughly backed up with quality citations. Citations, just like in academic journals, are the lifeblood of making a convincing argument. For Wikipedia, editors need to post quality sources that are both imperative and long lasting. As Wikipedia is an online source of information, sources must have a longevity to them that is not in question. Reference .gov websites for the most stringent standards but also look into .edu websites as well. No matter what, make the citations relevant and imperative.

Personal Wikipedia Pages
Being an editor carries prestige but being IN the Wikipedia library is even more sought after. However, editors must not fall to the temptation of trying to create their own personal page. Not only does creating a personal Wikipedia page violate policy, but it is also biased. Many people refer to companies like Get Your Wiki to make business Wiki pages for them.