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Bank Rolling Allegations by George Soros are False

With the United States Presidential election in the Horizon, rumors have emerged about George Soros engagement in a conspiracy to fund John Kasich’s Presidential Candidacy on

These rumors have been triggered by the engagement of millionaires thought to be George Soros partners donating to the Campaign Funds of John Kasich’s. These donations have been interpreted to be a conspiracy by George Soros to bankroll his Super PAC. These rumors have received much attention with bloggers taking the opportunity to hit back at what they deem to be dubious methods employed by the cronies of George Soros.

Further, other presidential candidates have taken up this chance to taint John Kaisch’s presidential candidacy ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

However, taking a closer look at these allegations on it is safe to conclude that the allegations are not only false but misguided. This is because;

The Campaign Finance on rules allow the donation of the projected amount of money rumored to have been donated by George Soros Cronies. If Soros wanted to make a donation he would do so without any limitation. The allegations that he bankrolled through his cronies is therefore misguided.

Secondly George Soros on bloomberg is not in the habit of shying away from donations being attributed to his name, as a matter of fact looking at the list of donors there exists other companies and individuals who have donated higher amounts of money.
The list expressly indicates that there are donations from two individuals who are close to Soros. The donations by Scott Bessent who worked for Soros and resigned to start his own hedge fund total amount to $200,000 to New Day For America and a further $2700 to Kasich Directly. Stanley Druckenmiller who is also a former employee of Soros donated $450,000 to New Day for America.

This list expressly indicates that George Soros has not made any donation to New Day for America directly. It is therefore unfair to run rumors that are false and designed to damage the reputation of Soros through linking him to Bank Rolling,
Further investigations indicate that Soros has during this campaign cycle donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, this is a Super PAC that supports the presidential candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The list also indicates that Soros has given $25,000 to the Pro Clinton Ready PAC and a further $1million to American Badge 21st Century, which is an organization that is tasked to research and formulate methods to counter Republican Candidates and causes.

This information clearly indicates the preferred candidate of George Soros. The information speaks for itself and its clear that Soros has chosen Democrats over Republicans, thus the allegations are not only farfetched but unfair to a man who has never displayed double standards.