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Lovaganza Announcement – The Mega Cultural Experience Will Showcase Numerous First-Time Cinematic Experiences

Marketed as one of the most anticipated cultural experiences, the Lovaganza event is set for a grand launch in 2020. The Bohemian adventure will provide extraordinary entertaining events that will include immersive 3D viewing, exhibition and motion pictures. According to the official press release, Lovaganza was set to release in the later months of 2015; however the management was forced to push the event to incorporate modern technologies. Accordingly, organizers are optimistic that some of the modern cinematic experiences will likely prove to be one-of-a-kind experience.

Lovaganza is a global event on an epic scale. Audiences will be treated to a variety of entertainment technologies and cutting-edge concepts, which will be featured across six continents. The global event will run between June 2020 and September 2020 including eight flagship locations. Already, film crews are busy integrating elements of different cultures as they travel across such destinations such as the United States, France and Spain. Soon, the crew will move to other exotic locations including Africa, India and a variety of other countries. Overall, the objective is to cover every major cultural theme around the globe.

The journey will commence in 2017, when the first promotional event “Traveling Show” is set to provide a glimpse into the extravagant world of Lovaganza on Officials have suggested that “Traveling Show” will present the first-ever cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience. Numerous other promotional events will follow the initial trailer. For instance, organizers have also planned three motion pictures that will offer an insight into the 3D technology on traveling pavilions. In addition, viewers will also be entertained in several 3D and 2D cinemas.

In fact, the immersive screens at the Lovaganza event will be groundbreaking in the sense that immerscope screens are not offered anywhere else. Hence, the overall experience will be an integration of old Cinerama theme and new modern technology. Anyone interested in getting more information and new updates can visit the official Lovaganza website to learn more about the global event.

Who is Lovaganza?

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand with the mission to unite humanity. By organizing global events, Lovaganza allows people to understand what brings us together. Showcasing various worldwide cultures, traditions and beliefs, Lovaganza believes that understanding each other will help the world bridge communication gaps. In 2017, the brand will also initiate a global charity, Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation will generate revenues from the global event, which will help to support similar charities and nonprofits interested in showcasing global cultures.

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