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The Importance of Healthcare IT with Drew Madden

If you start seeing more mentions of Drew Madden in the coming years, don’t be too surprised. This sort of thing is a natural reflex to the turmoil and dust that’s being kicked up in the medical field currently with Amazon advancing on the licenses required to sell prescription medication while smaller corner-side companies like CVS are reeling in self-defense. Their attack plan against the monolithic retailer will likely be to ramp up the provision of non-retail services such as health insurance that’s supported by superior, medically inclined back-end support.

The story so far is that Amazon just got their mitts on the licenses required to legally sell equipment for medical purposes to both clients and medical establishments alike. This is fine on its own, but when you factor in the problem of Amazon’s advances on the legal power to also sell vital pills directly to clients’ doorsteps, a new problem surfaces. It’s not a problem for the clients, but it surely spells a gloomy future for Rite Aid, CVS and other medically focused stores of the smaller sort.

CVS did a smart thing and began prospecting the procurement of Aetna. Absorbing their services into the boxy shopping center stores will allow clients to simply walk in through the automated doors and leave with some form of health coverage. Imagine never having to call some nondescript center out in the middle of Wherever-ville just to wait in line for your health insurance; that’s what CVS is now trying to do in parity with their pharmaceutical services and, of course, general medical goods. Doing this will require ample upgrades not only to the back-end technology, however, but also the workforce that keeps it running.

Drew Madden has recently become the toast of the town in regards to these matters, and he’s likely going to be employed by companies like CVS to help them ramp up their networking in order to improve access to prescription permissions, medical records and other sensitive but essential information that requires layers of security while maintaining the expeditiousness that’s expected of any web-based service these days. Drew Madden and his ilk will surely blow open the relevance of healthcare IT in this way, and it’s paradoxically thanks to Amazon’s movement into the medical industry.