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Gives back to the society

The Dallas Women’s Foundation annual luncheon is an annual event that hosts close to one thousand five hundred civic, business and community leaders. The foundation’s main purpose is to empower women and help them to advance in leadership and economic security. The luncheon usually features speeches from successful moguls who shine in their different areas of profession and a number of influential people in the society. These speeches are usually streamed live to tens of thousands of students from twenty schools all over the Northern region of the state of Texas. In the year 2017, NexBank, a bank located in Dallas declared that they would be sponsoring that year’s event. They gave out a hundred thousand dollars gift towards the event.

NexBank SSB is a Dallas regional bank that has been ranked Texas State’s eleventh largest bank. The bank also ranks 161 on the list of the United States’ largest banks. The bank was founded in the year 1922 by James Dorengo and over the past, more than nine decades has grown to have three satellite branches and hosts close to a hundred employees.

The bank owns 6.4 billion dollars’ worth of assets. NexBank SSB offers the following services to its clients: institutional services, mortgaging banking services and commercial banking services. The bank also focuses on catering to the banking and financial needs of big organizations, middle-market businesses, and real estate financiers.

September 2017 is the month that the firm also publicized its successful conclusion of a fifty-four million remote placement of its fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to certain organized and high net worth stakeholders. NexBank SSB is proud to attribute its success to the leadership of a team of very capable executives headed by John Holt, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer and the president who works hand in hand with the bank’s founder James Dorengo.

NexBank also partakes in numerous projects that aim at the development of the society of the State of Dallas. They sponsor community events and outreaches and give back to the society in a great way. One of these projects being their sponsoring of the Dallas Women’s Foundation annual Luncheon.