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Talk Fusion Modernizing the Digital Realm

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded by Bob Reina. Bob had been in marketing for over 20 years when he started the company. The company started after the founder and CEO Bob Reina wanted to send his friend a 10 seconds video, but many did not think it was possible. But after help from a friend who was an IT expert, the impossible became possible. When the American online said that it was impossible, Bob says he didn’t believe them. And after working on ways to achieve it, the duo was finally able to achieve what many thought was impossible. They finally had been able to perfect the idea of video in an email.

The Founder and CEO of the company Bob Reina is a former police officer. He went to the University of South Florida, the USA upon after completion he got into the Tampa police academy. While there he graduated top of his class and earned a prestigious award of merit. When Bob was a police officer, he served in different capacities among them patrol, major crimes against persons and crime against property. In 1990, Bob decided to engage in network marketing on part-time basis after he got introduced to it. Bob believes that success is achieved over an extended period.

His passion for marketing lead Bob to boldly leave his career and risk it in the business world. He had a clear vision of what he wanted, and this has been significant in the success of Talk Fusion.

The company started in the US in 2007, and the success of the company has sprees rapidly to many other countries. The clear video email product has been successful. It is the eighth largest online video company and is in over 85 countries. Talk Fusion has surpassed many online companies such as Viacom, AOL, Yahoo, CBS and MegaVideo. Talk Fusion is a member of the DSA and DSEI in Dubai. These organizations are dedicated to enforcing professionalism and ethical practices in selling.

Talk Fusion launched as a company about video email marketing. In 2014, the company then expanded to other digital products.

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Sanjay Shah Adds Trustees To The Board Of Autism Rocks


Autism Rocks has been growing in popularity and importance within the medical community since it was created in 2014 by Solo Capital’s financial expert Sanjay Shah, PR Newswire reports. In the latest move to keep the charity at its most impressive and important the founder of Autism Rocks has appointed two new trustees to the board of the foundation. Sanjay Shah has looked to bring two trusted friends to the board who can bring specific skills to the charity in the form of brothers Pete and Will Best; Shah has been a friend of the Best brothers since their days together at university, and feels they have the chance to add something to the charity through the skills they have developed in their own careers.

Will Best has been a well known figure in U.K. broadcasting and the music industry as he has worked in these areas for a number of years; the work of Will Best is a good compliment for the Autism Rocks charity that specializes in arranging and promoting invitation only concerts. The addition of Pete Best will add to the financial skills already offered by Sanjay Shah within the charity as he has made his way through come of the most successful companies in the financial industry.

Sanjay Shah shared on the Sunday Times he has been an important part of the financial industry during his career working on the financial markets in London. Shah had been one of the most successful figures in global finance for a number of years, but made the decision to change his life following the financial collapse of 2009; instead of taking the step to become a broker for a major financial company in London he formed the Solo Capital UK company and divided his time between London and Dubai.

Shah of Solo Capital according to CompanyCheckmade his way to Dubai as part of the changing lifestyle he undertook after the 2009 economic collapse. Spending more time with his family in Dubai was eventually followed by a diagnosis of autism for Sanjay Shah’s youngest son. A rekindled love of music eventually led to Sanjay Shah forming Autism Rocks to provide one off events featuring major international music stars. The events have been created to provide funding for the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University, which he hopes will benefit at an even larger level following the addition of the new trustees.