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Duda Melzer’s Commitment to Family in Business and Charity

Duda Melzer, also known as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian family owned business entrepreneur. His works have led to many improvements in the field of media in Brazil. His primary business, which has been around for nearly 40 years, is RBS Group. This outlet primarily specializes in news and radio media. e.Bricks Digital, is a more recent development which specializes in digital media, such as online advertising. Duda Melzer is the chairman of the board of directors for RBS, and the founder and CEO of e.Bricks Digital. The digital component of the business also focuses on providing funding for businesses new to the online game. They’ve funded well over 300 million in the last few years. The criteria are rather strict, and businesses must show an aptitude for success in an online platform. New companies are also accepted, however, with much different criteria and limited funding options.

According to Valor, Duda Melzer’s success comes from a combination of education and experience. Not only has he worked in finance, but has successfully led another media company in the US. His expertise makes him well suited for his line of work. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from a college in Brazil, and an MBA from Harvard University. At Harvard, he made many connections which have provided him with invaluable resources. Duda Melzer also continues his education with Harvard through specialized courses, such as family entrepreneurship.

While Duda Melzer certainly has a busy schedule, he still makes time to spend with his son and daughter. He credits his family for much of his success, and incorporates them in to most every aspect of his life. He also supports a charity named after his grandfather, which raises funding and social awareness for social issues in Brazil. This is also a family based organization dedicated specifically to helping the youth in Brazil. Duda Melzer certainly values the role of family, and this difference helps distinguish him from many other leaders in his field. You can subscribe on Youtube.

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Exploring The Effort Mike Baur Has Applied In Supporting Startups In Switzerland

Fueling a startup to maturity is one of the most demanding steps in the management of a business and this is something Mike Baur has explored quite well. One of the ideas he came up with to help young professionals with great ideas succeed in business is to launch the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working to fuel startups within Switzerland.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers an incubation program that ensures startups with the potential to succeed are given the support required to become strong enough to stand on their own. Intercepted in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has in the short period supported more than 10 digital businesses and is calling for more applications.


The analyzer

The Swiss Startup Factory analyzer picks the idea one has presented and reviews its strengths and weaknesses and any possible changes that can be made to make it better. This task is handled by a team of professionals who have a clear picture about the business worked and probably have special skills at reviewing businesses. Once the valuation and due diligence is complete, one is given advice that can help the idea to flourish in later stages.


Business model challenge

Before the business model is approved for full incubation, the Swiss Startup Factory experts first challenge it and seek to know whether you are prepared to handle challenges along the way. They offer a challenge that measures the capacity of the model to work in the digital world and still maintain its relevance despite challenges.


Transformation stage

Once the idea is approved, the next level is to have it transformed to be aligned well in line with the needs of the industry. This ensures at the onset most of the challenges that kill young businesses are eliminated and what is left is the application of effort to market the business and create contacts, which the Swiss Startup Factory also helps startups to achieve.


Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a venture capitalist with interest in digital-based businesses. To fulfill his zeal, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been offering support to startups within Switzerland. Mike Baur is a trained banker and until 2014, he worked in the private banking industry of Switzerland. When he retired this position he was 39 years old and he went straight into business. His first idea was the launch of the Swiss Startup Factory, a successful venture capital that has been operational since 2014.

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Why White Shark Media Listens

Any new business or newcomer to an industry will have complaints from customers. Those that work with customers to resolve these complaints move up and forward in the industry.

Those who refuse to work with customers, believing that these complaints will resolve themselves, find themselves left in the dust as other companies find ways to resolve those same complaints.

White Shark Media – an AdWords campaign company – is one of the former companies – one who worked through their customer complaints with the customers. Read more: and

In fact, they have kept a record of a few of these complaints and the fixes on their blog. The entry chronicles a few of the typical complaints they’ve had, and what they have done to fix it.

One of these complaints is that customers felt like the communication was not enough. When White Shark Media began, customers felt that having to go through a receptionist to get a hold of their contact person was too frustrating and difficult to be effective in the long run.

So, the company created a phone system with extensions that’ll link the customer directly to their contact person. They also have a GoToMeeting option for online meetings with the SEM Strategist on the customer’s team.

Another issue the company ran into was that customers were unsure of how to track their performance. So, White Shark Media got busy making sure that the customers could easily track their AdWords campaign.

They have an in-house process. Part of this process is an inclusion of call tracking and conversion tracking, both free of charge. In some cases, Google Analytics can be installed free of charge as well.

However, all of these are added to make sure that customers keep track of their AdWords campaign with little to no fuss after creating it.

Along those same lines, a complaint they would receive was that they had “lost touch” with a campaign.

Now, every new client is given a thorough introduction to the campaign, the controls, and everything in between. Now, clients are able to see reports and progress with very little hassle.

White Shark Media has handled complaints very well, ensuring that they had some success from the beginning. As the company grows, these fixes must be at the clients’ fingertips every day, all day.

George Soros Wants to Head Off Another Global Market Collapse


The world is heading for another economic collapse like the one that happened in 2008, according to George Soros. The liberal billionaire believes that conditions in China and elsewhere could lead to a global economic pandemic. He hopes to prevent some of the negative conditions this could bring on by donating eight million dollars to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

China has devalued the yuan and spent billions of dollars trying to stave off the effects of the 2008 recession. The 2008 recession and housing bubble were caused by a series of events that fit F.A. Hayek’s theories about boom and bust cycles. Bad investments, started in part by the Frank-Dodd act, caused banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford them.

George Soros has made such predictions before. He foresaw the events that led to the Greek financial crisis several months before it happened. These events almost led to the Eastern European nation withdrawing from the European Union. If Germany had not bailed Greece out twice, Italy might have been the next country to fall.

Soros believes that Clinton has the skills needed to keep the United States from suffering too much from the coming crisis. He tried to avert the crisis in 2008 by donating $8 million dollars to the campaign of Senator John Kerry. His bid failed, and he chose not to donate to the democratic party in 2008 and 2012 despite Democratic candidates trying to gain his financial support.

Even though China has promised to stop manipulating the country’s currency by 2020, it is trying to keep its interest rates low. The United States Federal Reserve has followed this policy as well. If the world’s first and second largest economies begin to increase interest rates, it may cause problems throughout the developing world. Governments and businesses in these countries may be forced to default on their loans in much the same way people with adjustable-rate mortgages were forced to default on their home loans.

The 2016 campaign has seen party mavericks rise to power. Hillary Clinton currently leads the polls, but it is possible that Bernie Sanders may gain the lead in future primaries. Trump has the lead on the Republican side, but no candidate, other than Sanders, has talked about their economic policies.

Base Your Market Moves on the Market Movers


George Soros is a billionaire for a reason. Following his moves can help you formulate a strategy of your own. Last quarter Soros Fund Management sold all shares of Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake Energy, found on The Street.

Soros obviously thinks there is something going on with energy stocks, so what does that mean for the little guy investor? Next week will give us a good indication if Soros made the right call, or if he was pulling the trigger too quickly.

Oil and energy prices have been leading market volatility in the equity markets with every hint of news. Last week Saudi Arabia and Russia came to a surprise agreement to freeze oil production, causing a surge in oil prices. Soon after prices came tumbling back down, with the news that Iran had rejected the freeze. Still angry from recent sanctions, Iran has vowed to to dump oil onto the already existing global gut.

U.S. crude sat at $29.64 at closing on Friday, 73% down from the $110 summer 2014 highs. The impact on the broader markets has been felt as well, the S&P 500 is down 5.82% year to date. A lot of cash is sitting on the sidelines as investors are left to fend for themselves in the volatile energy sector.

Cheap energy prices have put more money into the average consumers pocket, helping foster a resilient consumer confidence index. It is impossible to ignore the broader impact of energy prices on our economy. The US spend $1.4 trillion dollars each year on energy, over 8% of the gross domestic product. There are over nine million jobs supported by the energy industry, accounting for over 5% of the total US employment.

Then comes the worrying news that the World Bank has downgraded its forecast in 2016 to an average price of $37. Last October, it had projected $51 average price per barrel of oil.

George Soros might be a wizard. Called “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England”, Soros famously shorted $10 billion British pounds. This move resulted in a tidy profit of $1 billion when the 1992 “Black Wednesday” currency crisis hit the U.K. His current net worth of $24.4 billion is evidence Soros has an almost prescient mind.

His market prowess aside, Soros is also a major philathropist. Founder and chairmen of Open Society, Soros supports projects over 100 countries. Open Society was founded in 1979 and strives to hold governments accountable, keep rights respected, and make sure the truth is not subject to monopolies. Particularly interested in natural resources, Open Society and Soros feel that transparency is a key component to fair practices.