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Lime Crime Releases Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

Lime Crime, the ultimate famous brand of cosmetics, recently rolled out its latest product release. The company, founded by Doe Deere in 2008, is very choosy about the products it releases. The company has a following that has been described as cult-like and it believes that unless the creative team is absolutely obsessed with a product, they won’t release it at all.

However, they were obsessed with the latest product launch. It is called Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. In Style Magazine recently reviewed the latest product launch and featured the styles in photos of several of its team members. Most members stated that they would have never considered wearing glitter gloss. However, they also stated that once they tried it on they fell in love with the product.

Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers can be used either solo or on top of any of your favorite lip glosses. According to the review, these lip glosses aren’t your typical lip gloss. The glosses contain a type of holographic glitter that is something so bright and dazzling that only a brand like Lime Crime could concoct. The article also says that they are typically used on the company’s Instagram account paired with heavy contour and a bright, bold sparkle eyeshadow. However, they are highly transformative and can work with any look.

The glosses come in several colors that vary from a wildly bold blue and purple mix, to a subtle nude that just has a glitter sparkle. The glosses are made to look similar to a hologram. They can be worn solo or in layers.

As with any product, the company’s loyal legion of followers are coming close to breaking the internet in the hopes of gaining access to the product. Lime Crime was founded in 2008 and has seen massive growth and success. The company is passionate about utilizing photos that have been submitted by real product users who share pictures onto their social media accounts.

The company is a heavily unique brand with one goal: to make beauty make you feel wonderful. That is just what the new Diamond Toppers are doing for fans everywhere.

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