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Real Estate Leader Omar Boraie Funds A Cutting Edge Cancer Research Position

Omar Boraie has always been interested in doing what he can to make the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey a better place. One of the major ways that he has accomplished this is through his incredibly successful real estate business Boraie Development LLC. When Boraie first moved to the area in the early 1970s the city was not as bustling as it is now. In an interview he gave to business publication Wall Street Journal he noted that New Brunswick was a less dynamic place. As he put it people in New Brunswick were unable to enjoy walking around the city after a time as early as four in the afternoon. However Boraie put his real estate acumen to work and purchased and revitalized old properties. Since then his company has been part of a successful effort to bring a renaissance to New Brunswick’s real estate market, a welcome change to the atmosphere he encountered in the 1970s. Now he is turning to philanthropy to fulfill his desire to make New Brunswick a better place. Boraie’s financial success in the real estate world enabled him to make a critical donation of $1.5 million to Rutgers University in 2015.

According to Newswise, Boraie’s donation has gone on to help fund research that is helping to put New Brunswick on the map as a leader in the field of cancer research. The funds that he and his family donated went toward the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. reveals that the Rutgers Cancer Institute has been a national pioneer in revolutionizing the way that oncologists understand and treat cancer. The Institute combine the science of genetics with a medical framework that is known as precision medicine to develop a more comprehensive way of providing patients with the care that they need to eventually beat their disease and lead cancer-free lives. Boraie’s donation will support the vital work of expert Dr. Shridar Ganesan who has been named as the first person to hold the position of the Omar Borai Chair in Genomic Science at the Institute. Dr. Ganesan is a medical school professor, researcher and a highly trained cancer specialist that has worked on cancer research at renowned institutions like Harvard Medical School. The work he has done on genomic science and precision medicine could result in advancements that provide new hope to patients that have been diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer, cancers that are rare and cancers that have proven difficult to treat.

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