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Skout Makes It Fun To Be Single

There has always been a big debate down through the years about which side is having more fun. Something people might say that the singles have a much better life. There are other married couples that will say that they are the ones that are having all of the fun.

There have been many movies that have been made about singles that are in search of love. In many instances, the singles are painted as miserable people that are in dire need of finding their soulmate. It seems like they may be living a depressing existence until the one that they love comes along. In the real world, apps like Skout makes being single fun again. This is especially true when there is an app that allows you to connect with other singles around the world.

In the early stages this was the app that was designed for friendships, but it would become an app that also serve as a dating portal. A lot of people were impressed by this but they were not sure that it would be something that would survive. After all, there were premium dating apps like eHarmony that were already providing people with the ability to date online. Surprisingly, many people have made the decision to go with the Skout app. It is a free app so that is the true reason behind the popularity. Another reason is the new crowd that is not located on other sites.

Facebook overshadowed MySpace, and this became the dominant social media app. Now people are leaving Facebook. Skout is still in the growth stages. That means that there are tons of people that are on Skout that you just won’t find on Facebook anymore. That makes it the ideal site to use if you want to find some fresh new faces.

Skout has also become an app that is growing in popularity because it is easy to use. The apps is simple and most adults would be able to utilize it without assistance from their children. Skout has a fan base of millions, and the count only seems to be growing. Lots of people like to connect to this site and get with the locals that are in their area. Some people that travel can meet the friends they made online prior to arriving at a new destination. Skout is a very helpful app for building friendships.

Skout: Back In The Game Again

I do not think there was ever a time in my life that I did not know Chev. His family moved next door to us when we were both in kindergarten and we have been friends ever since. His full name is Charles, but his family always called him Chev. It was probably because his dad’s name was Charles Sr. Our parents were friends and we were always the best of buddies.

Both of our parents have pictures of the two of us boys growing up together. We rode the same bus to the same school and were in most of the same classes. Chev and I learned how to ride a bicycle around the same time as I did and we got the same style of bike. If one of us did not think of a scheme, the other one would. We were often partners in crime and we loved it.

When I joined the Cub scouts, so did Chev. My dad was the scout leader and our troop had a lot of fun adventures together.  We were both big brothers to her. We would let her tag along with us sometimes; however, our club house was for boys only. I guess that Chev and Kate were the siblings that I never had.

In high school, we often liked the same girls. Even though it led to a few tense moments, we never really fought over a girl. When we both started driving, we would often go on double dates together. After we graduated from school, I went into the service and Chev had to join. Unfortunately, we were stationed in different places and never served together. We kept in touch as often as we could. It was nearly eight years before I saw Chev again when he got out of the service.
Chev married his high school sweetheart and I married a girl whom I met in the service. Chev and his wife Carrie have two beautiful daughters and still live close to our old neighborhood. After five years, my wife and I called it quits and I am newly divorced. Recently, I flew in to see my parents and Chev’s family. His sister, Kate, was also in town with her little family.

It was so great to be reunited with my folks and friends. Later, I went over to Chev’s house and a discussion started about online dating. Kate told me about a new online dating application called Skout on that her brother-in-law found. All a person has to do is to download the free app to a smartphone. With Skout, users can travel anywhere and find people with similar interests to meet. Kate’s brother-in-law met a really nice lady while he was on vacation in Nevada and they are now in a committed relationship.

Just for fun, we downloaded Skout on my smartphone and I found several interesting profiles of ladies who live in my city. Thanks to my good friends and Skout, I met a lovely lady and am in the game of love again.