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Premium Dog Food Makers Cash In On Expanding Market

The trend toward healthier food choices is expanding from people to their dogs in a big way. A number of manufacturers, both small independent firms and big-time players, are ramping up production of healthier products that contain more nutrition, have more natural ingredients and resemble the finest people food. And, sales of these premium products are increasing, to the satisfaction of picky dog owners and the delight of company executives. An interesting recap of this trend can be found at These upscale products introduce innovations such as raw meat, fresh vegetable ingredients, probiotics, jerky, grilled products, whole grains (or, alternatively, grain-free formulas), refrigerated meals and special blends for older dogs. Upstart companies such as Freshpet and Blue Buffalo are finding their niche by tapping into this trend. Freshpet products, for example, sell for about twice the price of traditional canned varieties but have done away with nasty “dog food” smell. Major producers, including Purina, Smucker and Mars Petcare, have jumped in to the market by developing or purchasing their own boutique lines. One of these competitors is Beneful, produced by Purina. This brand produces a complete line of both dry and wet dog food products, featuring meat and fish ingredients, vegetables and wild rice. Their lineup also includes sub-specialties such as: Healthy Smiles, offering dental ridges and twists; Chopped Blends, a wet product packaged in resealable plastic; and Baked Delights dog treats in a variety of shapes and flavors. Beneful has been on the market since 2001. The name means “full of goodness”. In recent years it has become the number 4 overall brand in sales with annual volume of $1.5 billion. As dog owners demand better choices, the eat-like-your-owner trend is here to stay. Premium brands now account for over half of US dog food sales, and a growing army of food producers expects this trend to continue.

Beneful: Genius Marketing, Genius Food

The idea of Rube Goldberg machine has been used in several attempts at advertising with many different companies. A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption or over-engineered simple machine that accomplishes a small task in a very complicated way. Typically, and in the case of the ad for Purina’s Beneful dog food, this task is completed by a chain reaction. Purina’s brand, Beneful, certainly raised the stakes at their attempt when they added over half a dozen dogs to the mix.

Recording this advertisement required a long day of hard work and several takes. The result makes a great pitch for Beneful, though, because it catches the onlooker’s attention by incorporating the adorable factor of dogs with the scientific factor of simple machines.

Beneful on yahoo is a high quality and popular brand of dog food made by Purina. They produce wet dog food and dry dog food, as well as dog treats. Beneful is one of Purina’s most profitable brands, due to its popularity.

Beneful came on the market in 2001. It has since been marketed on the basis of its high nutrition for dogs, as well as its attractive appearance. Purina made this product actually look like real beef stew, so it was not only appealing to the dogs, but also to the owners. The company has since upgraded their facilities to increase their production of wet dog food and dog treats as well. Their wet food is served in a container that can actually be used as a dog bowl and has a resealable top, so it can be given just a little at a time. The food is meant to be “humanized” as people see their pets as part of the family.

Another marketing tactic that Beneful has released along with their Goldberg Machine ad, is a series of scented posters. This was done in Germany, and it was designed to attract dogs to approach the posters, due to their scent of dog food. In addition to this, Beneful began airing tv ads in Austria that incorporated high pitch noises. These were at a level that only dogs could hear, so like the posters, these ads elicited a response from dogs. A fun marketing tactic used in New York was the introduction of interactive billboards. These were released to allow people to play a game of virtual fetch in the subway station. Users are engaged by customized dogs that will follow them through the station.

Beneful’s high quality marketing tactics matches their high quality product. With variations for any type of dog, including taste and texture, Beneful is a great cost-effective way to feed a family pet.

Feed Your Dog Like A King, Choose Purina!

They say dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s not hard to understand why! A dog is a lifetime companion who expresses such loyalty to leave a lasting impression in our hearts. For this reason, they deserve to be fed like royalty. Treat your pup to the royal dynasty of dog food also known as Purina.
The Purina brand has been around for the last eighty years creating a trusted household name for itself. I know I speak for my two pups when I say the proof is in the pudding; Purina dog food offers a variety of proteins such as beef, chicken, lamb and even pork! The brand does a great job catering to all types and sizes of dogs. All I have to do is read the ingredients located on the back of the bag to ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality. As a pet owner myself, I find the most satisfaction in knowing that my dogs are being fed the best of the best!
What I like most about the Purina Beneful dog food brand is that I can easily switch up the flavors for my dogs so they never get bored. I often ask myself what it’s like to be a dog and taste the same food day after day. How boring would that be? I’m sure these thoughts never cross their mind, but I like to treat them to different flavors and expand their palette.
Speaking of treats, once a week I serve my dogs a special dish which is the Purina wet dog food. My dogs especially look forward to this occasion. The look in their eye is the same look I give my filet mignon. Of course, they devour it in seconds and put themselves in a food coma. The line of wet dog food is just another reason why I love the Purina dog food brand. It offers me a wide variety of choices for my dogs! I know when I pour their food into that bowl they are getting the highest quality of nutrients on the market. That makes me a very happy dog owner and loyal Purina dog food customer for life!