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George Soros: The Big-hearted Post-Democracy Crusader

George Soros is a name synonymous with success, prosperity, philanthropy, and a lover of human kind, despite the many George Soros conspiracy theories published against him in 2010. The self-made millionaire and avid supporter of liberal causes never escape bad publicity, especially with the kind of ideologies he believes in and propagates. Despite the series of controversial George Soros emails that had many anti-Soros supporters crying for his blood, he continues to be a proud Democrat championing for a progressively better world.

Soros Rise to Fame

Soros’ childhood was not a normal one filled with love, laughter and toys, he was born to a Jewish family in 1930, a time when the iron hand of the Nazi was overthrowing European governments and spreading the anti-Semitic propaganda on Soros spent his childhood days dodging Nazi militia under a make-belief name and papers. He probably would have ended up in a Jewish extermination camp but fate had a different story for Soros.

Soros’ youthful years saw him travel to England where he pursued an education and even managed to enroll at the London School of Economics. It is from here that his passion for the stock and financial market grew and George Soros was diligent enough to place himself where it all happened the New York Financial District, Wall Street. Soros learnt the ropes fast and his talent for the financial markets saw him amass a great deal of wealth.

His Philanthropic Course

The terrified little boy who dodged Nazi bullets grew up to become a wealthy public figure constantly championing against anti-Semitism and the promotion of a pro-democratic world. Mention any course that advocates for human rights or exposes blatant oppression and you may find Soros as name on the list of funders. Back in the days, George Soros funded revolutionary groups fighting against communist dictatorial governments in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, Yugoslavia just to mention a few. It’s no wonder Soros has picked up a massive string of Neo-Nazi enemies along the way.

The George Soros emails were rumored to have vivid evidence of the tycoon being a chief funder of radical groups and whistle blowers who were exposing the injustices committed by the Israeli forces. George Soros Wikileaks went into detail about this which was the much needed fuel by Neo-Nazis and the likes of Glenn Beck to finally pin Soros as the “New World Order antichrist.” Glenn specifically painted a bad light on Soros as a “greedy economist trying to bring America down through ludicrous market prices”. In his comical, exaggerated, and somewhat misinformed shows, Glenn spat venom on Soros for “unforgivable crimes” like supporting US Democratic and their progressive agendas to a hyperinflation attempt on the US consumer market.

Despite the 2010 George Soros Conspiracy to bring US to its knees and “dehumanize” the Israeli nation, the Jewish tycoon endeavors to be a loyal Democrat and a human rights crusader who calls out oppression where he sees it and constantly champions for the betterment of human life. Regardless of the George Soros Wikileaks or emails propaganda, Soros remains an advocate for human rights and the crusader of a unified world void of oppression.

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