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Lori Senecal Has the Secret Ingredients to Success

All too often, organizations overlook the impact of gender diversity on performance. That is why over the past five years, corporations have raised major concerns regarding the need to have gender diversity in the service scope. For one Lori Senecal, even with gender diversity posing as a challenge in the male-dominated industry, there is a lot to achieve, and she has paved the way for herself and women like her.

Background Data

Lori Senecal is well defined by her robust personality, knowledge of marketing and advertising. As the pioneer of developing inventive advertising techniques, she has carved out her name to stand out amidst top notch advertising agencies. Lori Senecal’s story is an inspiration to women who are wondering what it takes to venture into the world of marketing and advertising.


Senecal also specializes in technology solutions focused on solving business challenges. Having cultivated outstanding virtues that have been instrumental in guiding her ways, Lori Senecal has been trusted to work for some of the world’s best agencies with Crispin Porter + Bogusky being the most recent. In this company, Miss Senecal served as the chief executive officer. Her credibility in advertising made her prominent not only as the head cheerleader but a role model for her employees.

Additional Information

The one trait people, especially her colleagues at CP+B say about Lori’s personality is that she is never comfortable enough to stop taking more steps towards a better future. This is to mean that Senecal is always looking for the next better idea to launch. That is why before she landed a job at CP+B, she was employed by KBS. Working as the chief executive officer of the company, Lori Senecal grew the company’s global vision through her entrepreneurial networks. Check out accompany to know more.


Setting her life straight from a tender age, Lori Senecal pursued sales and business management. That is how she was able to garner extensive skills in business and advertising. In the city of Montreal, as she was growing up, she ensured that her record was set straight not only as a toddler but also as a young woman who had dreams to pursue. Senecal is an inspiration to many women.

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