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Bank Rolling Allegations by George Soros are False

With the United States Presidential election in the Horizon, rumors have emerged about George Soros engagement in a conspiracy to fund John Kasich’s Presidential Candidacy on

These rumors have been triggered by the engagement of millionaires thought to be George Soros partners donating to the Campaign Funds of John Kasich’s. These donations have been interpreted to be a conspiracy by George Soros to bankroll his Super PAC. These rumors have received much attention with bloggers taking the opportunity to hit back at what they deem to be dubious methods employed by the cronies of George Soros.

Further, other presidential candidates have taken up this chance to taint John Kaisch’s presidential candidacy ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

However, taking a closer look at these allegations on it is safe to conclude that the allegations are not only false but misguided. This is because;

The Campaign Finance on rules allow the donation of the projected amount of money rumored to have been donated by George Soros Cronies. If Soros wanted to make a donation he would do so without any limitation. The allegations that he bankrolled through his cronies is therefore misguided.

Secondly George Soros on bloomberg is not in the habit of shying away from donations being attributed to his name, as a matter of fact looking at the list of donors there exists other companies and individuals who have donated higher amounts of money.
The list expressly indicates that there are donations from two individuals who are close to Soros. The donations by Scott Bessent who worked for Soros and resigned to start his own hedge fund total amount to $200,000 to New Day For America and a further $2700 to Kasich Directly. Stanley Druckenmiller who is also a former employee of Soros donated $450,000 to New Day for America.

This list expressly indicates that George Soros has not made any donation to New Day for America directly. It is therefore unfair to run rumors that are false and designed to damage the reputation of Soros through linking him to Bank Rolling,
Further investigations indicate that Soros has during this campaign cycle donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, this is a Super PAC that supports the presidential candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The list also indicates that Soros has given $25,000 to the Pro Clinton Ready PAC and a further $1million to American Badge 21st Century, which is an organization that is tasked to research and formulate methods to counter Republican Candidates and causes.

This information clearly indicates the preferred candidate of George Soros. The information speaks for itself and its clear that Soros has chosen Democrats over Republicans, thus the allegations are not only farfetched but unfair to a man who has never displayed double standards.

Premium Dog Food Increases in Sales

Premium dog food has become quite the topic for this day in age. Many consumers are finding that they don’t mind spending the extra penny (or the extra twenty dollars) to ensure that their dogs are receiving the utmost quality dog food. Many manufacturers are finding themselves in a busy billion dollar market that is continuing to keep them busy and bring very much wanted business to their store, office and industry. Pet owners are finding the change in their furry dogs to be effective when they find a balanced diet that is offering the best ingredients on Wal-Mart Stores. We all know that when we eat healthier, we ultimately feel better and act better as well. Our skin begins to develop a glow so we begin to notice a different in their coat and their overall health. This in itself is worth the extra doe to offer our pets a healthier choice. That is why many people are choosing Purinastore Beneful.

Many people trust Purina products, and they have produced a natural dog food that is full of hearty, healthy and natural ingredients. It’s called Beneful, and their product is soaring on the market to help our animals reach their full potential and receive the proper nutrients they need to thrive and succeed. We all know that are pets are not here long enough and they age much faster than we do, so we should always make sure that they are receiving the best quality ingredients in their diet to ensure a long lasting satisfied life.

Beneful products offer a wide selection of ingredients and dog foods that are based towards different breeds, different issues each dog may be going through as well as their age. If your animal needs a diet that is enriched in hearty vegetables and easy on the stomach, they can offer a sensitive stomach diet as well as sensitive skin. They also offer a senior type of dog food geared towards the aging of our furry friends. They are part of our families and we can ensure that we always treat them that way by feeding them quality dog food.

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Sanjay Shah Adds Trustees To The Board Of Autism Rocks


Autism Rocks has been growing in popularity and importance within the medical community since it was created in 2014 by Solo Capital’s financial expert Sanjay Shah, PR Newswire reports. In the latest move to keep the charity at its most impressive and important the founder of Autism Rocks has appointed two new trustees to the board of the foundation. Sanjay Shah has looked to bring two trusted friends to the board who can bring specific skills to the charity in the form of brothers Pete and Will Best; Shah has been a friend of the Best brothers since their days together at university, and feels they have the chance to add something to the charity through the skills they have developed in their own careers.

Will Best has been a well known figure in U.K. broadcasting and the music industry as he has worked in these areas for a number of years; the work of Will Best is a good compliment for the Autism Rocks charity that specializes in arranging and promoting invitation only concerts. The addition of Pete Best will add to the financial skills already offered by Sanjay Shah within the charity as he has made his way through come of the most successful companies in the financial industry.

Sanjay Shah shared on the Sunday Times he has been an important part of the financial industry during his career working on the financial markets in London. Shah had been one of the most successful figures in global finance for a number of years, but made the decision to change his life following the financial collapse of 2009; instead of taking the step to become a broker for a major financial company in London he formed the Solo Capital UK company and divided his time between London and Dubai.

Shah of Solo Capital according to CompanyCheckmade his way to Dubai as part of the changing lifestyle he undertook after the 2009 economic collapse. Spending more time with his family in Dubai was eventually followed by a diagnosis of autism for Sanjay Shah’s youngest son. A rekindled love of music eventually led to Sanjay Shah forming Autism Rocks to provide one off events featuring major international music stars. The events have been created to provide funding for the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University, which he hopes will benefit at an even larger level following the addition of the new trustees.

George Soros Wants to Head Off Another Global Market Collapse


The world is heading for another economic collapse like the one that happened in 2008, according to George Soros. The liberal billionaire believes that conditions in China and elsewhere could lead to a global economic pandemic. He hopes to prevent some of the negative conditions this could bring on by donating eight million dollars to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

China has devalued the yuan and spent billions of dollars trying to stave off the effects of the 2008 recession. The 2008 recession and housing bubble were caused by a series of events that fit F.A. Hayek’s theories about boom and bust cycles. Bad investments, started in part by the Frank-Dodd act, caused banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford them.

George Soros has made such predictions before. He foresaw the events that led to the Greek financial crisis several months before it happened. These events almost led to the Eastern European nation withdrawing from the European Union. If Germany had not bailed Greece out twice, Italy might have been the next country to fall.

Soros believes that Clinton has the skills needed to keep the United States from suffering too much from the coming crisis. He tried to avert the crisis in 2008 by donating $8 million dollars to the campaign of Senator John Kerry. His bid failed, and he chose not to donate to the democratic party in 2008 and 2012 despite Democratic candidates trying to gain his financial support.

Even though China has promised to stop manipulating the country’s currency by 2020, it is trying to keep its interest rates low. The United States Federal Reserve has followed this policy as well. If the world’s first and second largest economies begin to increase interest rates, it may cause problems throughout the developing world. Governments and businesses in these countries may be forced to default on their loans in much the same way people with adjustable-rate mortgages were forced to default on their home loans.

The 2016 campaign has seen party mavericks rise to power. Hillary Clinton currently leads the polls, but it is possible that Bernie Sanders may gain the lead in future primaries. Trump has the lead on the Republican side, but no candidate, other than Sanders, has talked about their economic policies.

Base Your Market Moves on the Market Movers


George Soros is a billionaire for a reason. Following his moves can help you formulate a strategy of your own. Last quarter Soros Fund Management sold all shares of Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake Energy, found on The Street.

Soros obviously thinks there is something going on with energy stocks, so what does that mean for the little guy investor? Next week will give us a good indication if Soros made the right call, or if he was pulling the trigger too quickly.

Oil and energy prices have been leading market volatility in the equity markets with every hint of news. Last week Saudi Arabia and Russia came to a surprise agreement to freeze oil production, causing a surge in oil prices. Soon after prices came tumbling back down, with the news that Iran had rejected the freeze. Still angry from recent sanctions, Iran has vowed to to dump oil onto the already existing global gut.

U.S. crude sat at $29.64 at closing on Friday, 73% down from the $110 summer 2014 highs. The impact on the broader markets has been felt as well, the S&P 500 is down 5.82% year to date. A lot of cash is sitting on the sidelines as investors are left to fend for themselves in the volatile energy sector.

Cheap energy prices have put more money into the average consumers pocket, helping foster a resilient consumer confidence index. It is impossible to ignore the broader impact of energy prices on our economy. The US spend $1.4 trillion dollars each year on energy, over 8% of the gross domestic product. There are over nine million jobs supported by the energy industry, accounting for over 5% of the total US employment.

Then comes the worrying news that the World Bank has downgraded its forecast in 2016 to an average price of $37. Last October, it had projected $51 average price per barrel of oil.

George Soros might be a wizard. Called “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England”, Soros famously shorted $10 billion British pounds. This move resulted in a tidy profit of $1 billion when the 1992 “Black Wednesday” currency crisis hit the U.K. His current net worth of $24.4 billion is evidence Soros has an almost prescient mind.

His market prowess aside, Soros is also a major philathropist. Founder and chairmen of Open Society, Soros supports projects over 100 countries. Open Society was founded in 1979 and strives to hold governments accountable, keep rights respected, and make sure the truth is not subject to monopolies. Particularly interested in natural resources, Open Society and Soros feel that transparency is a key component to fair practices.

Christian Siriano’s New Handbags Have Arrived


Women know that fashion doesn’t end with the clothing. The Christian Siriano handbag complements the look. The bags are affordable ranging fro $98 to $350, prices comparable to fashion sites like JustFab. The non-leather totes, clutches and carryalls are available in all sizes and shapes. His bags are designed for any woman. The totes allow a woman to carry her purse within the tote. If he designs a bag that’s short, he includes a shoulder strap for the times when comfort toting a bag, does make a difference. There is a design for every woman who demands that fashion doesn’t end with her garment.

The spring collection of Siriano’s Morocco is exotic animal prints with a statement of support. The attractive elephant charm that embellishes each bag, reminds others that the sales go to support non-poaching of elephants for their ivory. That makes their array of bags, different from other collections. They continue to support organizations who are stopping the poaching of elephants. Find out more about this collection at Marie Claire.

Healthy Should Be For The Whole family

Our four legged family members are so important to us. With all the changes in our diets nowadays, it’s no wonder that pet food companies are out there trying to make sure that their foods meet up with the health craze that we are going through. With healthier choices for ourselves, it’s no wonder that we are looking for healthier choices for our animals as well. We want the whole family to be as active and healthy as they possibly can be.

It’s nice to know that Beneful is right there with us. Their research and development teams is making sure that they stay up to date on the healthiest choices for our family pets. Whether you have a full grown dog or a small puppy, they want to make sure that they can offer you a food that will meet all of their nutritional requirements and take out the stuff that they don’t need in their diet. With less artificial flavors and more natural and fresh ingredients like real meats and vegetables, it’s no wonder that so many pet owners love Beneful.

Even the most stubborn pets love Beneful. It’s fresh ingredients make the food taste amazing, so your dog will love it from the first bite! You will love it too! You can rest easy knowing that they are getting a high quality food with everything they need in it and you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget because Beneful is very affordable for any dog owner!

When you take out the preservatives, artificial flavors, and the fillers, what you are left with is a high quality, healthy, and delicious dog food for your family members. Companies all over the globe are jumping on the bandwagon and making sure that their foods meet your requirements for your pet. After all, in the words of Richard Thompson “If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family: bingo.”




Things Are Changing In The Dog Food Industry

Beneful is a dog food brand that is owned by Nestle Purinastore Petcare. It was introduced to the pet food market in 2001 and has been making waves ever since. The company is ranked as the fourth most popular dog food for its line of dog treats and wet and dry dog food. The company has gained so much momentum and seen such success that it is now one of Nestle Purina’s biggest brands.

One of the reasons that the company has seen such success is because of their advertising methods. They have introduced advertisements on posters that smell to attract dogs. The smell emitted is the smell of their dog food and proved to be very popular. They have done a series of other innovative advertising campaigns that bring consumers in.

Beneful is very proud of the dog food that they produce. They have extensive health and safety measures to ensure that every bag or box of dog food or treats is at its freshest and safest for consumption. The Beneful company also holds its suppliers to high standards. All farmers of raw ingredients, whether it be plant or animal, is expected to follow a lengthy procedure from planting to delivery.

Beneful’s food quality has stood out for years, but it is now being competed against by newer dog food companies on the market. According to an article released by the Daily Herald, there are several companies that are pushing the growing trend of animals eating like their owners. This trend is catching on and can be see through the 45 percent growth in premium dog food sales since 2009. The industry now sits at 10.5 billion dollars in the United States.

Companies like Blue Buffalo are among the first to mix fruits, vegetables and whole grains into their canned foods and kibble with Rover’s chicken and lamb. Blue Buffalo went public last summer and some analysts foresee it topping 1 billion dollars of revenue this year alone. This type of strategy is making a variety of small companies standout.



QNet Heads Down The Humanitarian Path

Natural disasters and medical illnesses have a tendency to take people by surprise. Sometimes, the results are very serious. Mercifully, there are persons and entities in the world willing to help those who suffered due to unfortunate situations arising without warning. QNet, the popular direct selling company, is working very hard to support relief efforts towards families hampered by the Chennai flood disaster.

At the IIFA Utsavam film awards event in India, QNet made a pledge to help families that were horribly impacted by the Chennai flooding. QNet established the “We Care” initiative to help poor families struggling with a variety of difficulties. Recently, through “We Care”, QNet directed relief packages to 200 families in Meenambakkam, Chennai. QNet hopes to expand its efforts to help more families.

Chennai was hit by a significant amount of rain, and the rain led to overflow flooding. The amount of the flooding was so massive that scores of homes were annihilated. QNet’s help is definitely appreciated.

QNet has also form strategic partnerships to help with various other humanitarian causes. A partnership with Lion’s Club International intends to provide kidney dialysis machines to an Indian hospital that houses 100 patients. QNet has other plans for other partnerships to tackle other humanitarian causes.

QNet is based out of Asia, and has made huge inroads in India over the past year. QNet sees India as the perfect new location for manufacturing, and the company has grand domestic affiliate plans in development as well. QNet is sharing its prosperity in India via its relief and humanitarian efforts. They encourage their employees to give back where they can as well to promote a spirit of philantrhopy. See their website here:

Like QNet on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

Fashion’s Favorite Rule Breaker

The world of fashion tends to be predictable as a trend is established by popularity, others struggle to emulate the latest trend and follow the rules so that the clothes they are wearing, the makeup they use, their hair styles, and the accessories used all fall under the umbrella of what is acceptable. That is why it is so refreshing to have Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Makeup Line, on the scene to take the rules and systematically destroy the styles that are expected and replace them with creative and alternative choices that appeal to a wide range of people. She is referred to as the unicorn queen.

Doe Deere has become adept at finding just the right combinations of colors that will not only provide a unique look, and set someone apart, but also look fantastic as well. That is why she has become the fashion world’s favorite rule breaker and leader. The “makeup for unicorns” line provides users with fanciful and vibrant products that are created cruelty- free. It is proof that a company can be both stylish and successful by continually veering of the accepted path of fashion. There is a place for glittery cosmetics and teal shaded lipstick. For those who are starving for a different look, the Doe Deere line is heaven sent because for some the alternative style is their style.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and developed Lime Crime Cosmetics as her signature venture. It is part of her personal quest to provide cosmetics that allow a person to have the freedom to express them in a unique way and to cover their perceived imperfections. Her belief is that beauty is what feels good at the moment to a person rather than what is most natural looking or provides a certain acceptable image to the world. Her focus is also on cruelty free cosmetics.

The Lime Crime style is always vivacious, daring and bright colors that allow people to express whatever they are feeling about themselves on that day or during that time of their lives. It is the self-expression and freedom that Doe wanted to allow the world to share. Rather than have the style of fashion dictated by an industry with very little room for individualism and personality, Lime Crime provides a choice. The company has been running since 2008 and has managed to break rules successfully and become a major force in fashion over the years.

If you are looking at your makeup and personal style and feel that it doesn’t express what is in your heart follow the path of Doe Deere. See a “rule” and break it. It doesn’t matter if it is wearing too many colors in your outfit, or that your eye liner and lip stick are too bold, there is a Lime Crime alternative for you that will allow any person to find their own unique style and expression. That is what fashion is all about for Doe Deere and those who wear the colorful and bold makeup.