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Beneful Dog Food

Few dog food brands in the world today have the brand recognition of Beneful. The company owned by Nestle Purinastore is successful because it has a variety of dog food brands and treats [see:] that pets enjoy. Owners usually see a health benefit to switching to Beneful, and the prices are competitive within the industry. With a growing focus on health, many people want their pets to eat as healthy as possible. Beneful has the flavors that dogs enjoy, and they also have nutrients the pets need.

Organic Dog Food

Beneful has a line of organic dog food options for owners. Organic food is generally healthier and more expensive than typical dog food. Over a period of time, owners should see a health benefit in their pets when eating organic food. A lot of people are willing to pay more for their pet to eat healthy. Beneful has a variety of flavors in the organic food line.

Gravy Flavors

Beneful was the first pet food company to launch a gravy line. The gravy is baked into the actual food, and dogs can get extra flavors while they are eating. Studies show that this is one of the best pet food flavors in terms of taste. A lot of pet owners want their pets to enjoy the eating process. Beneful has the products that pets enjoy, and owners can rest easy knowing that the food is safe.


A lot of dog food on the market today lacks essential vitamins and nutrients. Pet owners all over the world are concerned with the nutrition of their pets. Beneful infuses its dog food with vitamins and nutrients essential for long term health. Many pets are lacking in this area, and buying the right dog food can help considerably. Beneful is the world leader in pet food, and with all of their product options offered on Wal-Mart it is easy to see why.


Retire the Right Way with Wealth Solutions

With the sole goal of helping people, specifically with controlling, protecting or increasing their wealth was born Wealth Solutions. As a register investment firm working out of Austin, Texas this company supports, advocates and aids clients in every aspect of money management to maximize and safeguard the financial status that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Through personal relationships, extensive knowledge and training with years of experience, each client is given every possible tool to ensure the best personal results and financial outcomes.

The man behind this customer driven company is Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions is truly a vision realized. Hailing from a family of teachers, his mother and grandmother, he also married a teacher so his emphasis on education is no surprise. His education of clients is one way in which he attempts to help guide and instruct while allowing his clients to control their own finances.

Maintaining Richard Blair’s vision of helping others succeed, he made intentional efforts to refine his knowledge of retirement planning in combination with his experience to specialize in this arena. The aim was simple, to help individuals get from planning for retirement to successfully transitioning into and living with all the benefits of being retired.

The approach to each client is two pronged and basic. One, to appreciate the individual and specific personal goals of that person and in doing so build a solid working trust. Two, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of retirement and financial planning in order to tailor a strategy for each client. From CAS to CFS certifications, all of this training and expertise are geared at giving each individual the most and best planning options possible.

Intertwining Richard Blair’s desire to teach and help others with the experience and understanding of planning, money management and retirement planning have led to a successful track record that Wealth Solutions can be proud of and clients can rely on. It is actually part of the company’s plan, to build long term and lasting relationships. These are just a few of the benefits that Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions affords clients. Retirement shouldn’t be hard, Richard Blair works hard to make sure it isn’t.

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Venezuela High Court Rules Against Amnesty Law

Recent efforts to give amnesty to people who have committed violent acts during political protest have been blocked by Venezuela’s High Court. They stated that the law would support “a scandalous impunity to the detriment of public morals,” and would interfere with order and civil stability in this already troubled country.
Much has been said about the Socialist revolution of the past, but violent activity does little to bring about change for the better. The 2002 coup to oust the socialist leaders of the time is said by Venezuelaanalysis to have been U.S. sponsored, a charge the States has never been comfortable with. The difficulty is that such things, and later violent protest known as guarimbas, do little to establish confidence that some new order of things would be superior to the existing one.

The opposition-led legislature passed the law, which according to Danilo Diaz would have been in effect were it not for the court’s ruling. It described the nature of political protest and pardoned people for acts of violence when conducting protests or holding meetings. The law was detailed in a My Space post, and described actions that anyone in a truly civilized country would consider reprehensible.

It remains a fact that non-violent protest, such as that performed by Mahatma Gandhi and his followers, is successful at bringing about change. Explosive rancor does more to divide society than it does to strengthen it. Hopefully, the High Court’s ruling will lead Venezuela to more positive change.

Talk Fusion Modernizing the Digital Realm

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded by Bob Reina. Bob had been in marketing for over 20 years when he started the company. The company started after the founder and CEO Bob Reina wanted to send his friend a 10 seconds video, but many did not think it was possible. But after help from a friend who was an IT expert, the impossible became possible. When the American online said that it was impossible, Bob says he didn’t believe them. And after working on ways to achieve it, the duo was finally able to achieve what many thought was impossible. They finally had been able to perfect the idea of video in an email.

The Founder and CEO of the company Bob Reina is a former police officer. He went to the University of South Florida, the USA upon after completion he got into the Tampa police academy. While there he graduated top of his class and earned a prestigious award of merit. When Bob was a police officer, he served in different capacities among them patrol, major crimes against persons and crime against property. In 1990, Bob decided to engage in network marketing on part-time basis after he got introduced to it. Bob believes that success is achieved over an extended period.

His passion for marketing lead Bob to boldly leave his career and risk it in the business world. He had a clear vision of what he wanted, and this has been significant in the success of Talk Fusion.

The company started in the US in 2007, and the success of the company has sprees rapidly to many other countries. The clear video email product has been successful. It is the eighth largest online video company and is in over 85 countries. Talk Fusion has surpassed many online companies such as Viacom, AOL, Yahoo, CBS and MegaVideo. Talk Fusion is a member of the DSA and DSEI in Dubai. These organizations are dedicated to enforcing professionalism and ethical practices in selling.

Talk Fusion launched as a company about video email marketing. In 2014, the company then expanded to other digital products.

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Wen By Chaz’s All In One System

The hair care industry is booming. There are women all over the internet and facebook waiting for their opportunity to be the next big star in the hair industry. As a hair stylist I meet these men and women every day. Every day a new vendor walks through my door asking me to purchase their new QVC advertised products for my salon. As a seasoned stylist I have a hard time trying new products on my clients because I have a loyal client base. I can’t just change products on them especially if I know very little about the product. Call me old fashioned but that’s just how I feel. I value my client’s hair almost more than they value their own and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize their trust in me or the trust in their hair.
I am an avid reader of Bustle and recently stumbled across an article their beauty blogger did about Wen By Chaz if you are not familiar with WEN hair it was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a celebrity star hair stylist who recently created a product that I can use on all my clients no matter what race, gender or hair type they have. It is 3 hair care treatments wrapped in one bottle. Not only does using this product save me a ton of money but it also saves me time from switching from product to product. I recebtly found out that this product can be ordered online through and be delivered at my Salon’s doorstep, how convenient it was!

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Peace of Mind Investments through Laidlaw & Company

Trust is the most important elemant customers and clients want when it comes to any type of bank or financial institution, and so it is with Laidlaw & Company which provides sound investment banking for all of its clients.

Laidlaw & Company from its humble beginnings as a small private bank on has helped change the landscape of financial investment banking as it has grown over the last 170 years into the international full-service investment banking and brokerage firm that it is today. Laidlaw has continued to grow through various acquisitions and leveraging growth through aggressive capital market strategies and securities.

Clients who use Laidlaw & Company can expect superior customer service backed by a wide knowledge and understanding of services in investment banking and wealth management on stopbrokerfraud by raising capital through investments with institutions with high net worth.

Laidlaw & Company through its continual growth has expanded offices in the United States and Europe with over 150 employees to help assist their clients maximize their wealth and financial investments.

With over 170 years of experience and knowledge, Laidlaw & Company provides sound investment options that help bring peace of mind backed by the SIPC and FCA, Laidlaw & Company provides clients both a safe and assured avenue for providing comprehensive investment banking services.

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Can Someone With Thin Hair Save Their Hair From Shedding With Wen By Chaz?

Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( is a great shampoo that people can use with thinning hair, and it is going to be a savior for someone who has been looking at their hair in the bottom of the shower every day. That is a really hard thing for most people to trust in, but went looking for a reason to trust Wen by Chaz. People with thin hair are afraid to start a new regimen, but it has been shown that starting the regimen of Wen by Chaz that is going to help people who have hair that sheds all the time.
Shedding hair is treated by Chaz Dean’s product much better than by other shampoos, and it is very important that people only use a small dose of the shampoo when they start for the shower. The small amount is going to help create a lot of suds that can be used to wash hair, and it is going to help wash all the hair on someone’s head even if they have a lot of long hair. That is going to help people who have lost their hair to shedding before, and it is going to provide some kind of comfort when these people get in the shower. They want to be able to wash their hair without fear, and it works on all levels.

The Wen hair brand is going to help people who have thin hair or thinning hair, and it is going to make it easy for hair to stay without shedding. It is available online on and most stores nationwide. Hair can be washed without worrying about looking at a floor full of wet hair, and hair is going to stay healthy enough that people can style it. This is a new way for people to wash their hair that is very different from their old shampoos. Visit for additional information about this amazing product.

Thor Halvorssen on Democratic Socialism

Thor Halvorssen interview on Fox News was on democratic socialism that is being advocated by Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders while running his campaign is calling for the United States of America to be a socialist country. Liberalists in the country are against this concept by Bernie Sanders. According to Thor Halvorssen who is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, he says that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. In justifying this, Thor Halvorssen explains that for countries which do not violate human rights are in a position to have socialist governments in place. He explains that for countries which have socialist governments they enjoy separation of power and that this is quite acceptable. The problem that Thor has with socialism, is only when it is used by an authoritarian government. Through this, Thor Halvorssen maintains that a country is at risk of failing economically. When asked on the definition of socialism, Thor explains that people can use an academic or historic approach. He also says that people define socialism to mean communism.

Thor also says that, democratic countries that promote people’s autonomy implement socialism policies and be socialist. He says that socialism is heavily connected to invasion of personal property. He takes the example of the Venezuelan government, which is setting prices at a level in which it wants. The end result is shortages in commodities and services and an impending humanitarian crisis. He also says that he has directly supported Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. The reason behind this is that he believes that Hillary Clinton has close ties with countries that prosecute people for being gay, ban Christmas, gag the media and limit press freedom. He particularly gets emotional during the interview when he explains why he would not support a candidate with dictatorship ties.

He also adds that he cannot support the Republican front runner. Due to his experience with the Venezuelan government, with his father and cousin being political prisoners, he understands the negative impact of socialism. He knows that socialism may well result in an economy crisis. In addition he adds that democratic socialism can be achieved only if there is the rule of law. Thor is a firm believer that redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty but rather through creation of more wealth. At the end of the interview he says that he supports democratic socialism. Check out his film production work on IMDB.

What Will Happen Next In Venezuela’s Government?

It seems that the Venezuelan government is determined to steer the country in a direction that could lead to serious disaster. A number of political analysts including Norka are saying that current government decisions could spell catastrophe for the country.

Venezuela is in an overwhelming amount of debt, and it seems that the country’s leaders will have to go into default when it comes to paying the debt off. This, of course, will lead to strive in the country, on a civil and government level. Officials are reluctant to give into the financial pressure of settling the debt, which means that this could spell more problems for the country and its citizens in the future. Venezuela is also the country with the biggest hydrocarbon reserves in the world, which makes its financial problems even more disheartening. The fact that Venezuela is in such turmoil when it comes to money is proof that the country’s funds have been grossly mishandled.

Even though the country is in serious trouble money-wise according to Dirigeant.Societe, there may be a viable solution. Economists and politicians from Venezuela who are visiting the US and the UK in April 2016 are hoping to get investors and bankers on their side as they try to resolve Venezuela’s debt.

Caracas consultant and independent economist Orlando Ochoa states that default would not be a good decision for Venezuela, which means that getting financial assistance from other countries could be a smart move. Ochoa is leading an initiative with state governor Henri Falcon to assist Venezuela in achieving financial health.

While it seems the two men are doing great work, they have a significant challenge ahead of them. Trying to solve the money crisis in Venezuela has stirred up lots of political controversy, and the civil unrest is growing. This indicates that Venezuelan residents are eager for a solution. Officials are hopeful that a resolution can be reached soon.


Bank Rolling Allegations by George Soros are False

With the United States Presidential election in the Horizon, rumors have emerged about George Soros engagement in a conspiracy to fund John Kasich’s Presidential Candidacy on

These rumors have been triggered by the engagement of millionaires thought to be George Soros partners donating to the Campaign Funds of John Kasich’s. These donations have been interpreted to be a conspiracy by George Soros to bankroll his Super PAC. These rumors have received much attention with bloggers taking the opportunity to hit back at what they deem to be dubious methods employed by the cronies of George Soros.

Further, other presidential candidates have taken up this chance to taint John Kaisch’s presidential candidacy ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

However, taking a closer look at these allegations on it is safe to conclude that the allegations are not only false but misguided. This is because;

The Campaign Finance on rules allow the donation of the projected amount of money rumored to have been donated by George Soros Cronies. If Soros wanted to make a donation he would do so without any limitation. The allegations that he bankrolled through his cronies is therefore misguided.

Secondly George Soros on bloomberg is not in the habit of shying away from donations being attributed to his name, as a matter of fact looking at the list of donors there exists other companies and individuals who have donated higher amounts of money.
The list expressly indicates that there are donations from two individuals who are close to Soros. The donations by Scott Bessent who worked for Soros and resigned to start his own hedge fund total amount to $200,000 to New Day For America and a further $2700 to Kasich Directly. Stanley Druckenmiller who is also a former employee of Soros donated $450,000 to New Day for America.

This list expressly indicates that George Soros has not made any donation to New Day for America directly. It is therefore unfair to run rumors that are false and designed to damage the reputation of Soros through linking him to Bank Rolling,
Further investigations indicate that Soros has during this campaign cycle donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, this is a Super PAC that supports the presidential candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The list also indicates that Soros has given $25,000 to the Pro Clinton Ready PAC and a further $1million to American Badge 21st Century, which is an organization that is tasked to research and formulate methods to counter Republican Candidates and causes.

This information clearly indicates the preferred candidate of George Soros. The information speaks for itself and its clear that Soros has chosen Democrats over Republicans, thus the allegations are not only farfetched but unfair to a man who has never displayed double standards.