Meet the OSI Industries President: David McDonald

Success is not something that is acquired in one day; this is why only the patient individuals in David McDonald’s business are successful. Have you been working for your employer for years hoping for a promotion with no success? Well, this may be frustrating, but have you ever thought you might be approaching everything all wrong?

David McDonald, the current President of the OSI Industries, he joined the firm as a project manager. It took him hard work, commitment and diligence to earn the position. He has been working in the firm for three decades now, and he still passionate about his job. McDonald has always loved the combination of agriculture and biology. He even studied Animal Science in college.

David McDonald has led the company in the acquisition of other firms like the Baho Foods, which has helped the company gain leverage in the industry. He says that the other factor that OSI Industries has is being a private company. It gives them the liberty to try out new things without limitations.

Perfection is encouraged in all firms. Everyone wants things done the right way with no mistakes. One thing that many people do not realize is that it is through mistakes that great things are discovered. David McDonald says that the members of the OSI Industries are allowed to have a small room for mistakes. It encourages innovation and creativity. On the other hand, the clients’ feedback is honored. McDonald says that the customers’ additional requests in the menu or adjustments are used to enlarge the portfolio of the company.

Every company should know where the future holds for them. In the food industry, the customers are becoming conscious about their diet every day. Many consumers now want to eat meat from animals raised in a certain way. David McDonald says that the OSI Industries is prepared and excited to move into the future with their clients. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

David McDonald says that when something new is introduced in the industry, the OSI Industries sees it as an opportunity to acquire more clients. This is because many firms are rigid, and many clients want to shop with the companies that embrace the new change.

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