Adam Milstein fights off radical groups

The biggest threat to the peace and stability of the Jewish State of Israel are the radical groups. Radical groups which have been targeting the community are the greatest threat. They threaten to destabilize the country and the community in general. The radical groups are led by radical Islamists who believe that the peace of the region is non-existence because the Jews are in the region. These radicals are working for a plan that will see the elimination of the Jewish community of Israel. They are pulling all manner of attempts to see that the Jews no longer have a country in the region. In fact, they refer to Jews as colonialists who oppress the other communities in the region.

The state of the radicalization against the Jews has been highlighted by Jewish philanthropist who currently lives in the United States known as Adam Milstein. In his position as Jewish philanthropist and community leader, he gets to follow a lot about the changes the community is facing. Currently, the biggest challenge that the community has is protecting their identity from the radical groups. He says that the radical Islamists have brought the radical right and recently radical right into the matrix. They are now working closely together to push for an agenda that will mainly benefit the radical Muslims. These are the people who stand to gain since they will have penetrated their dominance in the Middle East.

Radical Muslims hate the idea of democracy and Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East; they feel provoked. Also, Jews have a close association with Christians. To them, the Jews are outcast in the Middle East.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an American- Israeli. He is the founder of a foundation known as Adam Milstein Family Foundation. This is an organization that takes the interest of the Jews. It supports pro-Israeli missions in the United States as well as back in Israel. Adam Milstein writes articles for various Jewish media, sensitizing the community on the importance of coalescing to tackle the challenges that the community face. Adam Milstein articles can be found on JNS.Org blog.