Lori Senecal: Marketing Master

Getting people to buy into a product rising is a very difficult thing to do. People in general have limited funds and spend their money what’s familiar or what strikes them as interesting or different. The task of coming up with the commercials or advertisements you see in Media all come up to very talented artist who have to have a certain skill set to do their job efficiently. Knowing what people relate to and what will move them is an art all its own and there are definitely people who have mastered it. Lori is one of those people without a doubt.


Lori Senecal is the head CEO at a company known as CP+B. This is a marketing agency with a global mindset that comes up with the most innovative and unique advertising and marketing ideas and Concepts. Lori has contributed significantly to the rise of this company and many others with her robust personality and artistic vision. Her work in the industry has reached legendary status as she continues to push the envelope and strive for even better results.


Laurie Senecal is the youngest of four female siblings. As a high school gymnastics coach, she learned how to be a leader that is both goal oriented and sympathetic towards the people on her roster. According to Lori herself this is one of the many experiences in her life which influenced her to go into the business of advertising because coaching and being a leader is not so different from marketing to the masses. She believes her parents were also contributors to the success that she has found in her life. Check out fastcompany.com for more.



Lori Senecal has worked some of the most famous and largest Brands around the world like Coca-Cola and BMW. Focuses on creating teams of artist with different perspectives to come up with unique and contemporary marketing ideas and Concepts. She is an undeniable force in the marketing industry and has won many awards including top 20 women in marketing. She shows no signs of slowing down and will continue in the future to provide quality content to her clients, customers, and collaborators. She recently speak at 3% conference.