The Different Reasons To Start a Business and Vijay Eswaran’s Reasons

Many people find different reasons and motivations to start a business. However, they do not all succeed. One of the many factors behind the success of a business is the motivation behind it. When people start a business or become entrepreneurs, they have to think a lot about what they are after so that they can actually move in the right direction. The people that fail often do not put enough thought into their business. At the same time, this is not the only factor to the success or failure of a business. There are also other factors including timing that can affect business.

One of the most common reasons that people start a business is that they want to make money and fire their boss. The only thing is that they have to think about all of the work that goes into running a business. There is often a lot more work than people expect. Then they find themselves doing more of what they don’t want which is draining to them. This can result in burnout from the type of job that they have chosen to do on their own. To run the right type of business, one has to make sure that he has an adequate understanding of himself.

This is one thing that entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran has done. He has taken the time to figure out what he truly values and what brings him life. He did not just start a business just to make money and work on his own terms. He has taken the time to think about the types of activities that he enjoys. Then he has found some way to make money from his activities. Vijay Eswaran enjoys making people happy and helping them grow. Therefore, he has based his business, The Qi Group around this activity.

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Lori Senecal: Marketing Master

Getting people to buy into a product rising is a very difficult thing to do. People in general have limited funds and spend their money what’s familiar or what strikes them as interesting or different. The task of coming up with the commercials or advertisements you see in Media all come up to very talented artist who have to have a certain skill set to do their job efficiently. Knowing what people relate to and what will move them is an art all its own and there are definitely people who have mastered it. Lori is one of those people without a doubt.


Lori Senecal is the head CEO at a company known as CP+B. This is a marketing agency with a global mindset that comes up with the most innovative and unique advertising and marketing ideas and Concepts. Lori has contributed significantly to the rise of this company and many others with her robust personality and artistic vision. Her work in the industry has reached legendary status as she continues to push the envelope and strive for even better results.


Laurie Senecal is the youngest of four female siblings. As a high school gymnastics coach, she learned how to be a leader that is both goal oriented and sympathetic towards the people on her roster. According to Lori herself this is one of the many experiences in her life which influenced her to go into the business of advertising because coaching and being a leader is not so different from marketing to the masses. She believes her parents were also contributors to the success that she has found in her life. Check out for more.



Lori Senecal has worked some of the most famous and largest Brands around the world like Coca-Cola and BMW. Focuses on creating teams of artist with different perspectives to come up with unique and contemporary marketing ideas and Concepts. She is an undeniable force in the marketing industry and has won many awards including top 20 women in marketing. She shows no signs of slowing down and will continue in the future to provide quality content to her clients, customers, and collaborators. She recently speak at 3% conference.

Meet the Icon behind the Success of the OSI Group: David McDonald

Every successful person has their story. No one achieves success without hard work, patience, and commitment. Although success is not something that only a few people are meant to have, most people don’t get to accomplish their goals and live their dreams. David McDonald is among the people we can learn from how it is like to propel in business.

David McDonald is the President of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is a company that distributes food products around the world. The firm has made significant strides and is now well recognized. Recently, the firm strengthened their reception in Europe through the acquisition of Baho Foods. To be successful in this business, McDonald says that the firm has to work with the local marketers closely.

David McDonald has been an indispensable member of the OSI Group. He joined the firm three decades ago. He began his career by studying Animal Science in College. Later when working as the Chairman of North American Meat Institute, he started working with OSI as their Project Manager. Over the years, McDonald has significantly contributed to the success of the firm which led to his promotion as the President of the firm.

30 years in one industry is a long time. However, it has not been a hassle for David McDonald. He says that he has always been passionate about biology and agriculture. This is why he choose Animal Science in College. It has, therefore, been an exciting journey for him working with the OSI Group for three decades. This demonstrates the importance of what you choose to dedicate your life doing.

Fear and doubt are common symptoms among young investors. It is, however, interesting to note that there is no time in McDonald’s career that he experienced this. He says that he has always shared the vision of OSI Group of meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients. He explains that being a private company and having the freedom to have multiple choices, achieving the goals of the company has not been hard.

No successful journey is smooth and one that lacks challenges. David McDonald says that the OSI Group is currently facing serious problems as a result of the poor China roads. He says that the firm has consulted prominent corporations and the Government in charge of the transport department. The firm can only hope that the parties involved act in favor of the citizens.

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The Great Victories Of Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell took up his role at the Willis Towers Watson in October 2017, and he spent the last 31 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). Michael attained his bachelor`s degree in business administration from Michigan University through which he acquired skills to help him carry out the various business roles he has undertaken. He has seen the Willis Towers Watson firm expand its operations and overall production and he strives to work closely with the firm’s team of employees to promote its growth.

Though Michael Burwelll believes in teamwork, he encourages entrepreneurs to learn how to make their decisions on their own as being dependent on others opinions can sometimes mislead them. He encourages entrepreneurs to evaluate their decisions before implementing them as it helps them eliminate the bad things about their ideas for the better future growth of their firms.

He is also a strong believer in the opportunities that technology has created, and he encourages firm owners to employ its use in their daily operations as it also reduces labor requirements. Besides, he insists that technology has sparked innovation and micro-communities are likely to continue growing as long as the technology exists.

Michael is also a good listener, and he has made it through his career due to his ability to listen to and address his employees claims. Michael encourages leaders to form good relationships with their employees as it enables them to discuss the various issues emerging in their firms easily. Additionally, Michael also insists on the importance of motivating workers, and he believes that leaders that reinforce their worker’s performance are likely to acquire more success in their ventures as their employee’s output increases with time.

The renowned entrepreneur is also passionate about positive minded individuals, and he believes that people who maintain a positive attitude in their operations are likely to overcome the many challenges associated with businesses. His contribution towards the growth of the firms he has worked at has been associated with his commitment and passion towards achieving the best. Michael serves as an example to his employees, and he always acts fast to ensure that each of his team members is comfortable with their working environment.

Michael Burwell also strives to derive effective ways to manage risks in his operations, and he has seen the Willis Watson Towers firm expand its operations to over 140 countries through his ability to maintain a close relationship with local and international suppliers and buyers.


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OSI Group has had a century worth of success as an American Food company that continues today.

Otto Kolschowsky, who created his small meat shop in Oak Park, Illinois — a location initially located west of Chicago — was the predecessor company to OSI Group, a billion dollar a year food company. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, saw to it that his family-based, small meat company be renamed Otto & Sons, Inc. in 1928.

Today, Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group manages an international food company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, that is considered the 58th most prosperous private company in the United States. has noted that OSI Group had sales of 6.1 billion dollars in 2016. Sherry Ddemeulenaere is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and David McDonald is the COO and President of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin got involved with Otto & Sons in 1970 based on some financial dealings that he had with Otto & Sons in 1970. However, Lavin did not become an employee of Otto & Sons until 1975, when their name changed to OSI Industries.

For a successful, international food firm like OSI, building strong business partnerships over a century has provided Illinois food company serious credibility in areas like ethics, food quality, energy efficiency, sustainability as well as sustainability. OSI has also received many industry awards, which shows the ability of the company to adapt and change to the changing consumer tastes in the present times.

Part of OSI’s success over the years has been due to the long-term relationship they have had with McDonald’s, the world-renowned American hamburger chain. Ray Kroc opened up the first McDonald’s hamburger shop in Des Plaines, Illinois, which was a franchise-based situation for Kroc. Because of OSI’s strong ties with Richard and Maurice McDonald as well as Ray Kroc over the years, the McDonald’s chain decided to deem OSI as one of their four big meat patty producers. This crucial decision came at a time when McDonald’s was consolidating their meat supply chain. This considerable meat supply deal with McDonald’s helped to lock OSI’s into a business symbiosis.

And due to McDonald’s strategy to expand globally, OSI reaped the rewards of being in a close business relationship with McDonald’s by expanding into Europe and South Asia by acquiring many foreign companies.

As a holding company of many different meat processors across the globe, OSI Group sells products like bacon, hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, fish, vegetables, and poultry.