Alex Pall and The Progression of The Chainsmokers All These Years

After releasing their highly anticipated and world-famous single, “Closer” featuring the star-of-the-season Halsey, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers did an interview with The Interview Magazine. It was there that Alex shared how he has grown both as an EDM artist and as a commercial producer in competition with other EDM musical studios.

We can also learn from the interview that one of the most immediate visions of Alex Pall for The Chainsmokers is to get the duo recognized as a serious and dedicated artist with thoughts and messages to share as opposed to being just a faceless beat generator behind synths and bass hitters hiding backstage. The new identity of The Chainsmokers today is to be that of a DJ band that uses the actual voice of Andrew and Alex to create a personal and vulnerable identity to the duo. This establishment of a new brand would prove useful in setting the duo apart from all the other EDM producers today, like deadmau5 who hides behind its music’s synths.

Also, Alex Pall discovered Andrew Taggart and immediately after they met, they started grinding down to create the best EDM music that they could possibly churn out. When asked how it must have felt to be found by Alex, Andrew said that it was love at first sight. He immediately knew that being part of The Chainsmokers would be the right fit for his ambition as a full-time DJ.

It was also a relief that Alex Pall immediately found what they both had to offer in creating the best music for The Chainsmokers. Alex and Andrew had different musical influences, and so when they were creating their music, they had to channel all those different sources into something that would unify the identity they want to make out of their group.

One other relief they were able to figure out while creating their music was not to make the entire collaboration that they had as a form of work. They didn’t want to treat the project as a job, but they still had to put in the time and discipline to make sure they could come up with some powerful tracks.