The Brazilian Bull Rodrigo Terpins

For a quick explanation of the title, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Have been an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the Brazilian rally circuit, as part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo is the current director of the T5 Participacoes which organizes Rally race events. Rodrigo’s father Jack Terpins was a great influence to his sons, as a successful real estate investor, The President of the Latin American Jewish Congress, and earlier in life an accomplished Basketball player. It would appear the drive for success is in the Terpins DNA.


Based on terra, Rodrigo has been involved with motorsports from an early age, as his father impressed upon he and his brother a desire to excel at whatever they set out to do, and a love of motorsport racing was in their blood. A graduate from The University of Sail Hilaire Rodrigo majored in business management. He used his management skills to rise to the level of President of Lojas Marisa in a short sixteen years. Striking out on his own Rodrigo created T5 Participacoes, an organization who’s primary function is the organization of Brazilian Rallies, and has been instrumental in creating some of the best.


At forty one years young, Rodrigo and his brother Michel Terpins team up in the Prototype T1 Races, from which they are a dominating force. Rodrigo had teamed up with Fabricio Manchiana for the Bull Sertoes Rally, giving the other participants a run for their money placing fifth in the overall competition. It easy to assess from his accomplishments that Rodrigo Terpins easily excels at any challenge placed before him. With his continued dominance in the Brazilian Rally circut, he has gained a great amount of respect from his competitors, and it looks as though he will remain a “Driving Force” piloting the T-Rex #322 far into the future.