How End Citizens United Will Change The Politics

End Citizen United is a advocacy group who want people of America to be put first. They will support political candidates who support the groups message about people first. End Citizens United has decided that they will be putting their support behind Randy Bryce for Congress. Randy Bryce will be going up against Paul Ryan in the Congress race and by having ECU’s support Paul Ryan’s campaign is starting to worried about the race.

ECU believes that the race in Wisconsin will be a very important one and will be one of the most closely watched around the country. Randy Bryce has made a name for himself based off of standing up for the people in his state, as well as going against the way things are being run in Washington today. He has spoken out about the disconnect between Washington and the common American. Bryce wants to reach out and get to know those that live in his state. And to earn money for his campaign trail, he believes in hard work. This is how he is planning to get most of the money for what he needs.


Right now Bryce averages about $25 in individual donations to his campaign. People in his state see him as a productive and a very positive leader they want to lead them. Bryce has said that he will work to bring jobs into Wisconsin, as well as supporting a finance reform. When looking at Paul Ryan he is the complete opposite as Bryce. Ryan does not want a finance reform or want to bring jobs in the state. He also has many multi-million companies supporting his and donating to his campaign. He also does not connect and relate with the common American that well. According to ECU is hoping for a big political change with Bryce being elected into office.

End Citizens United is one of the more well known organizations in the US that support a finance reform. They hope that eventually people will not be bought out to vote before elections happen, no matter what their views are. They have been pushing for this for the past seven years. They support independent and democratic candidates, ranging from the states of Maine all the way to California. End Citizens United is on all social platforms and can be viewed, supported, commented and retweeted by all.

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