Rocketship Personalized Learning Lessons From A Decade Of Operation

Rocketship is a network of elementary schools that that serves individuals from low-income communities. The organization was established in 2006 with a mission to work with students, teachers, parents and leaders to transform the future of the poor neighborhoods. Through such collaborations, they have eliminated the achievement gap for children in such communities.

Since the opening of the first school in California, Rocketship education is slowly learning different ways to serve the communities and students. Although this might be the case, there is a lot that they have discovered since their establishment. To begin with, Rocketship is a pioneer of purposeful integration of technology into the school system. People might view this move as being all about the tech, but the primary goal is to understand the unique interest and needs of every family and student.

The education system might be designed for the elementary education, but there are those who actively advocate for the k-12. Although this is something worth a shot, Rocketship firmly believes that the education system is meant to build a parallel system that’s intended to transform the way public school system works. Through the creation of parent leadership program, it’s now easier for families to hold school leaders accountable and demand political attention which is one of the ways that public school systems can thrive.

Although there has been a lot of talk on charter school and segregation in the recent past, Rocketship education takes into account children from all background regardless of the creed, class, race and ethnicity. In fact, since the establishment of rocketship education, they have incorporated new ways into teaching, and this has realized different benefits on how kids learn in schools. Schools are skeptical when it comes to including ordinary students with those who are disabled, but this isn’t the case when it comes to Rocketship education.

The first thing that comes to mind when a student with behavioral challenges is disrupting others is to get rid of such a student from class. However, rocketship takes this as a small price to pay when it comes to creating a school community that enables students to develop and discover their potential. Additionally, the inclusion of such students into the school system has created a student community that has great empathy.

Whitney Wolf Herd Announces Hiring Of Sister Actresses And Producers

Bumble is a relationship app that was the creation of Whitney Wolfe Herd. In order to build the brand into even greater success she recently hired Erin and Sara Foster, two sisters that are actresses as well as television producers. They are now the heads of creative for two of Bumble’s arms, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. The former is a friendship arm while the latter is for professional networking.

When it was originally released in 2014, Bumble was a dating app with the unique twist that only women could initiate contact with another user. It has since expanded with the Bizz platform having been launched in October 2017. To support the platform the Foster sisters have been developing ideas along with Whitney Wolfe Herd. This includes ideas ranging from TV shows to dinners to panels. They have also explored forming partnerships with other female-led companies.

Whitney Wolfe Herd met Erin and Sara Foster at a panel called “Women In Entertainment” in June 2017. She had invited them to speak at the event. They were brought in to talk about their careers in the entertainment industry but the conversation quickly switched to a discussion about female friendships and entrepreneurial women. Whitney Wolfe Herd decided that she really wanted them to become part of her team during the course of this panel discussion.

Whitney Wolfe Herd established Bumble in September 2014. She is the company’s chief executive officer. The company’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Under her leadership Bumble is presently valued over $500 million. Her leadership has led to her being named by Business Insider as one of the 30 Most Important Under 30 in Tech, which occurred in 2014. Additionally, Elle’s placed her on their Women in Tech list in 2016 and in 2017 Forbes placed her on their 30 Under 30 list which highlights those who have found great professional success who are younger than age 30.

It was in Salt Lake City, Utah that Whitney Wolfe Herd was born. She went on to earn an international studies degree as Southern Methodist University. She started her first company while attending school which was a bamboo tote bags business. Her business profits were used to support the areas that had been affected by the BP oil spill off the coast of Lousiana.

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Why You Should Choose Securus Technologies for Crime Solution

Securus Technologies, a Dallas – based United States prison Technology Company, was founded in 1986. I find this company being of great aid to the nation as it has employed more than 1000 persons who now work with at least 2500 correctional facilities all over U.S. Some of the services it offers include parolee tracking, government information management and detainee communications.

Customers’ comments on their services

Securus Technologies use technology in prevention and solving crimes all over the U.S. They recently released some information by jail and prison officials revealing how they viewed their services. What I find wise is the fact that the company updates and creates new services weekly. According to the company’s CEO, (Richard Smith), these improvements are precisely made to improve the quality of crime prevention services offered to the prisons.

One customer confessed that their superb service was the reason why a particular drug dealer was arrested after they tracked all phone calls the person had made. The call had evidence about the person’s drug business and money transfer records. This was a great success; for this reason, I trust this company for any investigation task.

Through relying on their services, many correctional facilities have gained public trust due to the public safety improvement they have initiated in their area of jurisdiction. The technology-services company has worked for more than a decade with many correctional facilities in the U.S. proving their competence evidenced by their A+ accreditation.

Many facilities that fight crimes have continued to praise the company. Their useful investigative tools, e.g., the LBS software have provided them with essential reporting data that has eased their process of law enforcement

The commitment of Securus Technologies is to give credible services to all, e.g., accident management, emergency response, information management among others. I can confidently recommend any law enforcement facility to try their superb services since they are the best.

Success Marks the Career of Logan Stout in the Health and Wellness Industry

Over time, Health and wellness have become a million dollar industry. People are now interested in improving lifestyle, prolong their lifespan, and reduce stress. There are plenty of ways you can improve your health and well-being and lower odds of getting ill. IDLife is a newly established health and wellness company committed to helping individuals improve their health through nutritional supplements designed to meet their specific needs. IDLife recognizes that everyone experiences different dietary needs. Dietary deficits vary widely depending on an individual’s medication and their current level of body fitness.

The concept of getting healthier seems overwhelming for many people. With so much conflicting information coming from the internet, it’s no doubt that people give up before they even embark on the process of improving their health. Nonetheless, IDLife has created a 3-step program in an attempt to make the process of improving one’s health less complicated.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who currently serves as the founder and CEO of IDLife. His relentless efforts and dedication at the Panola College earned him a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As a former sports coach, Mr. Stout understands the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. The fact that he won the award for the World Series player for 17 times demonstrates his understanding of unique dietary needs that keep individuals active. Logan Stout strives to create the highest quality nutritional supplements to ensure athletes get all the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As the founder of the Premier Baseball Academy, Logan Stout uses this platform to mentor aspiring athletes and people that may want to improve their lives overall. His organization is one of its kind, supporting kids aged between 6 to 18 years through training, mentorship, and coaching. Besides, Logan Stout has experienced success in the world of business. He is also an accomplished author and motivational speaker. As a keynote speaker, he often makes public appearances to offer his insight on how one can eliminate barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals. You can achieve anything through dedication and a burning desire. Logan Stout has regularly appeared on television, radio, and live events. He once featured in The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, The New York Times, and several other media outlets. He lives in Frisco, Texas together with his wife, Haley, and their two sons.

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How End Citizens United Will Change The Politics

End Citizen United is a advocacy group who want people of America to be put first. They will support political candidates who support the groups message about people first. End Citizens United has decided that they will be putting their support behind Randy Bryce for Congress. Randy Bryce will be going up against Paul Ryan in the Congress race and by having ECU’s support Paul Ryan’s campaign is starting to worried about the race.

ECU believes that the race in Wisconsin will be a very important one and will be one of the most closely watched around the country. Randy Bryce has made a name for himself based off of standing up for the people in his state, as well as going against the way things are being run in Washington today. He has spoken out about the disconnect between Washington and the common American. Bryce wants to reach out and get to know those that live in his state. And to earn money for his campaign trail, he believes in hard work. This is how he is planning to get most of the money for what he needs.


Right now Bryce averages about $25 in individual donations to his campaign. People in his state see him as a productive and a very positive leader they want to lead them. Bryce has said that he will work to bring jobs into Wisconsin, as well as supporting a finance reform. When looking at Paul Ryan he is the complete opposite as Bryce. Ryan does not want a finance reform or want to bring jobs in the state. He also has many multi-million companies supporting his and donating to his campaign. He also does not connect and relate with the common American that well. According to ECU is hoping for a big political change with Bryce being elected into office.

End Citizens United is one of the more well known organizations in the US that support a finance reform. They hope that eventually people will not be bought out to vote before elections happen, no matter what their views are. They have been pushing for this for the past seven years. They support independent and democratic candidates, ranging from the states of Maine all the way to California. End Citizens United is on all social platforms and can be viewed, supported, commented and retweeted by all.

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George Soros: The Philanthropist Making A Difference On A Large Scale

When it comes to some of the most notable and well-known philanthropists that have had a significant impact on the world, George Soros is a name that comes to mind. He is an activist, a philanthropist and a finalist who excels at almost everything that he tries to do. Soros is also one of the richest people in the entire world and has appeared several times on Forbes’ lists of wealthiest people in the world as a whole.

There is no doubt that today George Soros is leading a good life, being well off and also helping thousands of people. But the thing was not always this way for him. He had to face an incredible amount of hardships growing up that no child should have to face. Soros was born in Hungary, and because of World War II, had to live in a state of constant fear. There were always Nazi troops stationed where Soros and his family lived, and they had to watch the people around the community get tortured by the government, both mentally and physically, on a regular basis. Soros and his family were Jewish, which made things significantly harder for them as well. However, they were able to get out of most situations because they lived under a false identity. They forged government documents for themselves and did the same for other members of the society around where they lived. They escaped to London a few years later and helped several others flee from there as well. Even after coming to London, Soros had to work hard to make ends meet and put himself through college. He was always a bright student, which is why he was able to attain a spot in the Economics Major Class of the London School of Economics.

Seeing what happened to the people around where he lived, Soros wanted to be able to do something that would make a difference to the lives of people. He tried to make a difference right from a young age but knew that he would not be able to do so without power or money. He realized that if he wanted to be the one to help society, he would have to make a name for himself and work hard to achieve his goals.

Through the course of his life, Soros has founded several charities of his own that try to help people who are in need. Besides this, he also actively supports charities that are working towards the betterment of the people and aids them in whatever way they can. He has even stood for several political movements, empowering the people to stand up against the injustices that take place in society and the government. He has funded several such campaigns, particularly in the United States, and has helped them go forward to enforce what they are trying to fight for.

Through his efforts, one could say that Soros has reached his goal of making a difference, but that doesn’t stop Soros from doing as much as he can in his life to aid all those who he can offer his aid to and Follow him

Marketing With Different Trends And Methods With Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is very insightful in the world of marketing. She is able to keep a watchful eye on the market so that she can help her clients in the best way imaginable. This is very important for her and any advertising agency. It is also important for her to look at what types of methods are becoming more relevant for advertisers. For instance, a growing number of business owners are using their own advertising so that they can handle things in the way they see fit. Lori’s understanding of the market could encourage users to seek out her company and her skills in advertising. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

According Campaignlive, the world is shifting to a more accessible and interactive way of marketing. Instead of just describing a product and service and convincing potential customers to buy them, the marketers are actually looking at ways that they can get input from the customers. While in the older days, it was enough to tell customers the type of products that they should want. However, the markets and the industries have evolved enough to the point that there have been enough products for customers to decide on what they want and influence the markets. Therefore, customers and merchants are going to work together. Check out Adweek to see more.

Lori Senecal urges people to use Facebook and other forms of social media in order to get the most business. However, the worst thing to do is treat it and the community like they are just a means to get sales. One thing to remember is that the primary goal of social media users is to connect with one another. At the same time, social media has proven to be a good way to increase business. Lori urges people to use a combination of advertising campaigns and methods of connecting for best business results.

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Jason Hope on the internet of Things Concept

Jason Hope is one of the passionate tech lovers in the world today. Jason deals with latest technology trends that are happening. He also takes a keen look at where technology is headed to in the future. His opinions about the future of technology are published in Jason, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona is not only a technology futurist but also an entrepreneur, a writer, and a philanthropist. He is engaged in various charitable initiatives meant to give back to his community in Arizona. He holds a degree in business related courses. He has a bachelor in finance from Arizona State University. To strengthen his knowledge as an entrepreneur, he also did a master’s in Business administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.

As a futurist and a tech lover, Jason is known for giving people directions on what to expect in the latest technological innovations. Jason is in particular very concerned with the topic of Internet of Things. Internet of things is probably the most advanced technology that has ever been applied in the history of the earth. According to Jason Hope, Internet of things technology involves the ability to combine multiple devices in such a way that they can share the same network and as a result share the data among themselves. The resultant scenario is one where the all the connected devices are in constant communication with each other.

According to Jason Hope, the IoT is so influential that no single corporation will want to be left behind in its implementation. It is expected that big corporations in the world will be making huge investments geared towards releasing products that compatible with applications that will be driving the internet of things concept.

Jason sees a world where all devices that will be in the market being able to connect with each other. This will create a scenario where people will be able to send and receive data from their devices in the comfort of their living rooms or their offices. Take the case of traffic updates coming through your phone even before you leave the house. Internet of thing offer an alternative route that can be used to access your destination in a better way. Another example is where one will be able to monitor the contents of their refrigerator from the phone. The refrigerator will be able to communicate with the user on products that may be due to expire in a short time. In short, the internet of things concept is creating a world that will be efficient and exciting to live in.

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