End Citizens United Fights Battle Against Political Dark Money

As the name implies, the premise of End Citizens United is to put a halt to a Supreme Court decision called Citizens United. The passing of Citizens United aided political corruption on many levels. The ruling prevented any spending caps from being placed on non-profit organizations. The ruling favor of Citizens United provided a way for a plethora of “dark money” to enter the political realm. The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision led to a significant rise of super PACs. Why is “dark money” given such a name? Simply, because you cannot trace where it came from. Those who donate this type of funding are not required to reveal their source. Many Super PACs keep the information about their funding away from the public.

The main focus of the group is the reform of campaign finances via the passing of a constitutional amendment which would overturn the Supreme Court decision of 2010. In order to amend the constitution, two third of the senate and the house must consent. Additionally, three fourths of states must consent to the ratification. The ECU supports candidates that are pro-reform and operates on grassroot funding. The ECU cannot accept donations greater than $5,000 and has an average donation of $12.

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The ECU plans to change the current system of campaign finance. In the first 90 days of 2017, the ECU raised $4 million. The group plans on having $35 million raised prior to the 2018 congressional election. In 2016, End Citizens United managed to round up $25 million. Roughly 40% of the 100,000 contributors were new donors according to President Tiffany Muller. The group’s leadership is on the hunt for champions of campaign finance reform for congressional election.

John Wonderlich is the director of the Sunlight Foundation Group. The non-partisan group pushes for political transparency. According to Wonderlich, getting a constitutional amendment passed is a tall order. Since 1992, there have been no passed amendments. Experts in finance regulation believe that even raising $100 million does not necessarily put you on the path of getting an amendment passed. However, End Citizens United does manage to keep the pressure on Congress.

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