On Solid Financial Ground with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a successful Maryland businessman who has worked in the world of finance for more than twenty years. He has worked hard to get where he is today and is thankful for the road that he has taken. He currently is the President of TDL Ventures and owns companies in different industries like demolition and nightclubs. You can visit Business to know more.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree in speech communication, THis skill would be very handy to him as he worked his way up the mortgage industry ladder. His first job was with Crester Mortgage Corporation. He worked there until 1999. He then worked his way up at Legacy Financial until 2005. He worked at Charter Funding where he was able to hone his expert skill in the mortgage banking industry. He has now climbed the ladder of success to become President of TDL Ventures.

In an interview with Inspirery Todd Lubar lays out what has made him a success over twenty years. First and foremost, he believes in making the customer happy. That is one of the biggest goals in a crowded mortgage finance industry. He is always striving to be better in his profession. He enjoys helping people cut through the obstacles on the way to fulfilling their dreams. Even though he has had to make sacrifices along the way, Lubar’s goal is always the same. That goal is helping people achieve their financial goals. Lubar believes that hard work through every level of a company can only make it better in the long run. This is what he tries to instill in the people who work for him and with him in his many businesses. Check out Inspirery for more.

Todd Lubar believes that the future is bright for his industry and for him in general. As long as there are people who want to achieve their financial dreams, men like him can always step up and make the dream become a reality. For Lubar, that is the pinnacle of success.

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