Securus Technologies Makes an Indelible Mark in Crime Detection within the Prison Industry

Securus Technologies is widely considered to be a top communications service provider in the prison system in the U.S. Founded in 1986, the Dallas-based enterprise has remarkably risen through the ranks by surpassing expectations and dominating the industry. As a testament to their excellence, the company currently serves over 2,000 correctional facilities and over one million inmates across Atlanta, Texas, Carrolton and Allen. More importantly, its recent $600 million investment in patents, technologies and acquisitions speak volumes about the company’s commitment to stellar service delivery.


As of 2016, the company had installed a modern security system aimed at controlling the entry of contraband cell phones into the prison system. Such a modern system was reinforced by the installation of a Wireless Containment Solution which further inhibits the entry of contraband cell phones. In essence, Securus had tremendously grown to the extent of 70 million phones as of July 2015.


Financial Strength


Securus Technologies has successfully managed to dominate the industry courtesy of its smart acquisition strategies. Since March 2012, the company has remarkably acquired various enterprises such as Primonics, DirectHit Systems, Telerus, Guarded Exchange and much more.


Customer Feedback On Company’s Technology to Solve Crime


Based on Securus’ stellar service delivery, the company has witnessed an influx in customer feedback ranging from prison staff, security personnel and inmates. For starters, several prison staff lauded the company’s technology for playing an integral role in the identification of corrupt staff members through search warrants.


On the other hand, the prison system successfully identified unlawful networks fueling drug trafficking and alcohol consumption in various prisons. Such arrests wouldn’t have been possible without the rapid responses generated by the phone call monitoring software.


Additionally, Securus’ technology promoted the identification of crook officers intent on harassing inmates for money and other contraband materials. Hence, swift action ensured that such officers received disciplinary action.