Exceptional Civil Services Around And Beyond

Dallas is home to Securus technologies in America. The company is profit oriented and is based in Texas. With its regional offices based in areas like Carrolton, Texas and Atlanta Georgia, the company was founded in the year 1986. Securus Technologies have a record of employing more than one thousand individuals and up to two thousand and six hundred correctional amenities in the U.S.


In the year 2016, it was reported that Securus Technologies recorded more than six hundred million dollars as an investment. The investment was said to be in machinery, rights, and procurements in three years. Securus offers viable services to its clients to ensure proper operations across all networks. The essential functioning of this company has earned trust from its customers that include private organizations as well as government institutions.


The company developed a structure that was aimed at controlling cellphones’ market. This was after a series of cases where illegal smuggling of cellphones was reported. With the operation in place, the cases of illegal cellphones smuggling reduced to zero. This and many more activities contribute to the reasons as to why Securus is preferred by many firms. The company later merged with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology.


Securus Technologies advanced even more in the year 2017 by developing a wireless containment solution as a technological milestone. The move was aimed at barring counterfeit cellphones from accessing mobile networks. Among large companies that provided telephone services, Secures was one of the highest ranked. The companies provided cellphone services to the convicts in the U.S prisons. In conclusion, the company has a great name around the globe. This is because of its capability to provide civil and criminal justice technological answers. As far as technology is concerned, Securus is the best company. Numerous public law administration highly depends on Securus technologies for excellent services.