The Benefits of Wen Conditioner

If you’ve seen the QVC infomercials for Wen hair care, you’ve likely been curious about the products and may have considered purchasing them. Wen was created by stylist Chaz Dean, and is made from all-natural ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils. If you’re wondering if Wen can transform your hair, Emily McClure’s Bustle review could help you decide whether to start using Wen products.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from Wen hair for seven days. The Fig line from Wen is said to moisturize the hair and provide volume, and McClure was hoping the product would give her thin hair a little more bounce. During the first day, she said her hair was softer to the touch and less frizzy after only one use.

Over the course of the experiment, McClure said that her curls fell a little sooner than normal, since the conditioner made her hair heavier. Near the end of the week, her friends even commented on how healthy and shiny her hair was.

By the end of the experiment, McClure became accustomed to using the conditioner every day. She loved the way the product made her hair feel, and said that her hair was less frizzy, even though her curls fell quickly.

Wen hair care products are available online on Guthy-Renker and the Chaz Dean store.

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Jeffry Schneider on Wellness in the Workplace

Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur, father, and philanthropist. After decades of hard work and a commitment to fitness, he decided to take a step back and investigate what brings people happiness and success which is how he discovered the benefits of wellness programs. Today, Schneider champions the importance of health and remains a strong supporter of wellness programs in business environments. However, Schneider’s insights into wellness extend beyond workplace value as Schneider stresses the overall benefits that healthy habits can have on everyday living. He emphasizes that these benefits significantly contribute to an elevated quality of life and further believes that wellness programs are gateways to longevity. As a business man, Jeff cares about the overall health and wellbeing of his employees, so naturally he is passionate about integrating these programs at his office.

Because he knows that healthy employees can work at peak efficiency, he has made wellness programs readily available within the workplace and strongly encourages healthy lifestyles outside the office. A wellness program for employees can be viewed as an investment that a company makes in itself by sponsoring health and fitness activities for the team. A workplace wellness program can include sponsored workshops, weekly yoga classes during lunch hours, or even paying for a full-service gym on company premises. Through engaging in habitual exercise and improving one’s diet can support the immune system while energizing the mind and contribute to improved productivity. While Jeff knows that wellness programs can’t solve all employee productivity problems, he believes that the benefits of wellness programs can substantially reduce downtime and improve the wellbeing of his employees

Wellness, which affects so many facets of life, can be described more generally as maintaining a healthy balance. Being properly balanced means evenly focusing one’s energy throughout life and leads to increased peace and productivity. Wellness programs often focus on balanced lifestyles and typically incorporate healthy diets too. A variety of different meal plans can help people manage their weight appropriately and feel better mentally and physically. Committing to a healthy diet and exercise plan leads to a greater amount of energy and mental clarity and is a simple way to improve one’s health. Because of this, having a fully stocked kitchen with healthy choices is also beneficial for employee health.

Getting the proper amount of exercise requires discipline and planning as consistency is key for results. Unfortunately, in our society, the vast majority of people do not exercise enough each day, and limited exercise can cause numerous bodily issues. Not only does it reduce muscle mass and increase body fat levels, but lower amounts of exercise can cause other health issues as well such as low energy. Employers, like Jeffry Schneider, who offer office benefits like standing desks and nutritious snacks, empower employees to focus on personal fitness and boost their health.

An employee’s wellbeing is vital for the wellbeing of the team. The spread of illness in the workplace increases company downtime and is also costly. Visiting a physician typically requires copays and sometimes even prescription costs. Employees are sometimes living on a strict budget and may prefer to not spend money on healthcare costs. Implementing a companywide wellness program can provide relief for these individuals while strengthening the health of the staff which is one of the  many reasons Jeff is passionate about the programs. Now, with his personal and professional life thriving in a culture of teamwork, unity, and self-care, Jeffry Schneider is living proof that following a personal wellness plan can change your world.

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Bruno Fagali is a Brazillian Attorney on the Rise

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Fagali has two occupations. First, he practices law and heads up his own firm, which calls Fagali Advocacy. Fagali is also a corporate integrity manager for a new media firm called At Fagali Advocacy.

At his law firm, Fagali specializes in anti-corruption, elections, public law, and compliance. At the media firm, Fagali is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing corporate integrity programs. His is also responsible for instructing his staff about this topics. The media firm has offices located throughout the country.

Fagali earned his administrative law degree in 2012. He graduared from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

Fagali has a masters In law of the state, administrative and anti-corruption law degree. He obtained this degree from the University of São Paulo, Brazil in 2017. In addition, Fagali earned numerous law certifications from the prestigious Getulio Vargas Foundation.

Fagali began his professional career as an intern at three law firms in the São Paulo area. His initial position as an attorney was in 2012. That year, Fagali began to work for the legal firm of Radi, Calil and Associates. While with this law firm, Fagali practiced in the areas of public law and litigation.

At the present time, the media agency of which Fagali is a part is the only one in the nation that has submitted its code of conduct policy to the Brazilian Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control. The policy created by the agency is designed to quickly detect activity that is against the law.

Fagali has made a commitment to remain with the new media agency for at least 24 months. He made this commitment to ensure stability at the agency and to protect against any undue influence he believed might exist if he did not make a specific commitment.


Lazy Person Life Hacks For Losing Weight With Wengie


Wengie shares some fantastically fun weight loss life hacks with her viewers. Here’s a run-down of some those hacks.

Infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, and mint for a tasty weight loss beverage that also detoxifies the body. Drink the water before a meal so you get full faster and eat less. That’s two hacks with just one product, can we say efficient?

Eat from a smaller plate than usual and trick your brain into thinking that you’ve gotten more food than you actually have. Also, studies show colorful plates can help you eat less.

It is isn’t all about eating less and healthy beverages though. Studies show lack of sleep decrease your metabolism, so sleep in to reap weight-loss benefits.

This is an odd and interesting tip, turn down the temperature a few degrees cooler in your home than you usually prefer. The body actually burns more calories in cooler temperatures. Remember to keep the temperature comfortable though!

Here is a fun tip, wear your gym clothes around the house. It is totally mental but will help motivate you to stay more active when you’re tempted to be lazy.

Back to food, slow down when you’re eating so don’t get full as fast and you also won’t end up uncomfortably full! And, for those that are truly lazy, exercise less!

Check out even more hacks through Wengie’s video and you’ll be feeling fit in no time. These hacks will help even lazy people get into shape!


Jason Hope Intervenes With Insight Into The Development Of Internet Of Things

Many technological developments have helped to shape the world and the way people interact across various platforms. This wave of innovation and the development of superior technological products has also availed internet of things, which allows one to access vital information remotely from different gadgets.

Jason Hope is among experts who have been reviewing the growth of internet of things and his articles have showed how this development will help the future of technology to offer awesome solutions. He believes this will define the next phase of technological design and development.

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Internet of things can be explained using many things in the environment. Basically, it is the connection of various devices using the internet and in this process the ability to control how these devices operate can be activated across both sides. For example, a house installed with security cameras whereby the cameras are connected through an internet connection that allows the homeowner to get the data from the cameras through their mobile device. This means the owner of the home should also be in a position to make changes to the environment like controlling security lighting and components like heating systems.

Philanthropic activity
Jason Hope is reputed as a futurist and technologist who has worked hard to earn through entrepreneurship and to appear among the most successful entrepreneurs in the tech space. He also offers support to philanthropic organizations and he pursues this action passionately to deliver support to the needy and those who cannot change their lives due to lack of the power to make change.

Supporting upcoming entrepreneurs
Another area where Jason Hope has proved to fare perfectly is in entrepreneurship. He has been offering support to young entrepreneurs based in various parts of the country. He does this through a facility he built to facilitate the incubation of those with ideas back not resources to implement them.

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The Small Steps Highland Capital Takes To Improve the World

Many people have dreams of changing the world for the better. However, this is a very big task to take on. As a matter of fact, it is way too big for someone to do all by himself. As a matter of fact, if he tries to do too much at once, he will burn himself out. This is why it is important for people to not only take smaller steps, but to decide on which steps they are going to take. One of the best ways to improve the world is by working within one’s own community. While there are a lot of problems that could be fixed globally, people that focus on their communities are likely to be more effective in their solutions.


Highland Capital is an example of getting involved in local communities. James Dondero and plenty of others that are involved in local charities are working to improve as many aspects of the community as needed. Among the aspects of the community they are hoping to bring improvements to are education and health. When there are problems in these two aspects of the community, it can carry over to other issues.


One good thing that Highland Capital does is look at the different local nonprofits and see what they do and how they help the communities. This is one of the ways they decide on whether or not the charity is worth donating to. They also look at the reputation and track record of the nonprofit organization. James Dondero himself is especially willing to help schools of business because one of the keys to success is gaining skills at business and marketing so that one can make profitable decisions. Regardless of the industry one is in, there are basic and universal business skills that are needed in order for one to have a successful career building his own business.