Every Family Gets Their Christmas Visit With Securus

Christmas visits with Securus are incredibly important for everyone, and we have run across several different families who need services from Securus for the holiday season. Securus released their new ad online, and the video speaks of a way that families may come together during the happiest time of the year. We are accustomed to meeting together, and I wanted my dad to be a part of the festivities. This article explains how we are using Securus to fulfill our holiday wishes.


#1: Holiday Meetings Are Difficult


My dad is in prison halfway across the country, and he is in a place where he is simply detached from the rest of us. We talk to him as much as possible, but we cannot drive out there. Securus’ commercial reminds everyone they may place a video call that substitutes for a live visitation. We have shared the commercial with families we have met through the system, and I believe our friends will start their own family meetings using the service.


#2: How Do We Use It?


We use Securus just as the commercial suggests, and we watch the video while talking to my dad. He has young grandchildren over here who wish to see him, and they get excited for the calls we make. I use my phone with a small lever that props it up for each call. The kids can stare at the screen for as long as they like, and the calls go well as we can hear clearly.


#3: I Taught Several Members Of The Family To Use It


Several members of our family know how to use Securus, and we pulled out the nearest phone or tablet for our family meeting. We are continuing the tradition after the holidays, and we have created meetings with the family using the Securus video system. We have been assured all our calls are private. We prefer to keep family business to ourselves, and we are able to do so because Securus has secured their video system.


I enjoy seeing my dad on the camera at least once a week, and we are stepping up our visitations because of the holiday season. I have been more than pleased with the way Securus does their work, and they make me feel as though I have total freedom to speak to my dad. We remained connected, and we never miss out on family time.